Who Was Asad Rauf? Career, Controversies, and Death

Asad Rauf, born on May 12, 1956, to a Punjabi family in Lahore, was a Pakistani umpire. He passed away at the age of 66 due to cardiac arrest. He was a member of the ICC Elite panel. Asad Rauf was renowned for presiding in the 2007 and 2010 cricket world cup and ICC World T20. Asad Rauf has devoted his life to cricket. From a right-hand batsman to one of the best umpires in the world, let’s take a look at Asad Rauf’s life.

The Early Life Of Asad Rauf

Asad Rauf was an ex-first-class player in Pakistan. He was born in Lahore to a Punjabi Family on May 12, 1956. He started his career by debuting on November 4, 1977, in a first-class cricket match held between Habib Bank ltd and Pakistan University.

As a childhood cricket fan, he always wanted to be a cricketer playing for Pakistan. He played his first big match on March 2, 1991, between the National Bank of Pakistan Vs. Pakistan National Shipping Corporation. In the era 1980’s he started becoming renowned as a steady right-hand batsman, playing match after match. Before playing his big game, he also played a list-A match on March 17, 1981, between House building Finance corporation and Pakistan railways.

But the player becoming famous as a right-hand batsman took turns and became an umpire in 1998. He made his first performance as Umpire in the First ODI held in 2000. Well, Asad Rauf always performed his best on the cricket ground as a cricketer or Umpire. So 2004 was lucky for Asad Rauf, and he was elected as a member of an international Panel of Umpires. 

His struggles and achievements didn’t end there. He debuted as an umpire in 2005 at the boxing ground. Year by year, Asad Rauf’s hard work showed the colors. Finally, in 2006, he got one step up and is now a member of Emirates Elite panels of ICC umpires.

The career of one of the best Umpire – Asad Rauf

Well, there was no doubt Asad Rauf was good at what he was doing, which was umpiring.

He may have started by becoming a batsman, but destiny wanted him to become Umpire. He came a long way from debuting on March 2, 1991, as a Batsman to debuting in the 2000 ODI match as an umpire. But he didn’t stop. His achievements increased daily, from being elected to an International panel of Umpires in 2004 to 2006, when he was elected as an associate of Emirates Elite Panels of ICC umpires.

After becoming a member of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC umpires, Asad Rauf was unstoppable. At every cricket match, he was seen as an Umpire. Asad Rauf made history by umpiring IPL matches, 47 tests, and 98 one-day internationals.

Controversies: Part of every successful personality

Well, no famous men are without controversies. Every celebrity is linked to rumor and controversy, and Asad Rauf was no exception. In 2012, he was pulled into the controversy of sexual exploitation. Leena Kapoor, who was Mumbai based model, accused him of harassment and sexual exploitation. She filed an FIR of him being a fraudster and making false promises of marrying her while he was married and had two sons.

Asad Rauf denied it, saying she just wanted to be famous, but no proof of him being a cheater got out, and thus the case was closed.

Well, it wasn’t going to be the first and last time when he attracted controversy. In 2013, he was disowned by the ICC panel with the charge of “IPL spot-fixing.” Well, Asda Rauf always denied it, but it wasn’t his first time being pulled out in a cheating controversy. In November 2013, Indian Mumbai cops charged him with illegal betting and fraud, and he was put behind bars, but the news escalated quickly. He was also known to be guilty in 2016. The ICC panel banned him from cricket for five years.

Death: An Undeniable Fact

Asad Rauf’s death caused a lot of pain to Pakistani cricket fans and all over the world. He was loved as an umpire and will always be remembered. Seeing all the ups and downs of being a cricketer, he closed his eyes on September 15, 2022, at 66, due to cardiac arrest.


A man brought up in the field of Lahore became one of the best umpires in the world. He was a gem to the Pakistani cricket field, he may have some cheating controversies on him, but still, his achievements are always high in the sky.

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