Best Inswing, and Reverse Swing Bowlers in Cricket History

Bowlers in cricket adopt wide-ranging attack swings to make life difficult for opposing batters. Two common methods – reverse swing and inswing – are popular among talented bowlers throughout cricket history. Check out some of the top inswing and reverse swing bowlers in cricket history and know why these players are so deadly.

What is an Inswing in Bowling?

Inswing or conventional bowling occurs when a ball moves towards its intended seam direction. Several bowlers continue to deliver this ball and it is especially common among pacers. Inswingers involve placing the ball at an angle before pitching towards its smooth side inward.

An inswing bowl will appear to move away from the stumps, aiming to catch batters off guard at their sides.

What is a Reverse Swing in Bowling?

Reverse swing in bowling occurs when a ball moves towards the opposite angle of its seam. Few cricketers can complete accurate reverse swing bowling, as the technique requires immense skills to execute. Seasoned cricketers have made a name for themselves in this sport whenever they perfect this technique.

Reverse swingers travel with an outward motion, targeting its bounce area towards hitting stumps behind a positioned batsman.

Best Inswing Bowlers

Malcolm Marshall – Master Wicket-Taker

The veteran West Indies swinger marshalled inswing bowling throughout his career. His wealth of experience and massive gameplay performances made life hellish for several skilled cricketers. He was so good with these swingers that he snatched 370+ wickets in 81 Tests. He also managed 155+ wickets in 136 ODI games for the West Indies.

Glenn McGrath – Skilled Same-Spot Bowling

Australia’s Glenn McGrath made consistency his major strength as a national team bowler. He could produce balls rolled up with perfect precision, length, speed, and other elements for a deadly inswing. He also knew how to make these swingers very difficult for batters at different stages of games.

Stuart Broad – Pin-Point Swing Bowling

Broad has been in England’s all-time wicket-takers list for some time and is prolific in his position. The cricketer produces immense bouncing swingers that deliver a hard angle batsmen struggle to respond to on time. Broad is a tall lad and can swing deadly balls whenever necessary to help his team achieve victory.

Tim Southee – Intelligent Swing Bowling

New Zealand’s Tim Southee has turned out to be one of the Kiwi’s top bowling talents in recent time. He performs in this position with adept precision, giving batsmen a hard time during games. Southee ranks high among bowlers in cricket and delivers an impressive inswinger whenever necessary.

Richard Hadlee – Master Kiwi Swinger

Another New Zealand talent to feature in this list is Richard Hadlee. The skilled cricketer was once touted as unrivalled in swing bowling based on his masterful game displays. The cricketer also managed an impressive feat in 86 Test games with 430+ wickets.

His 22.3 average throughout these encounters made the statistic mind-blowing. Talented players from his era point out qualities like his pace, seam quality, accuracy, and more in his gameplay.  

Best Reverse Swing Bowlers

Wasim Akram – Premier Fast Bowler

Many fast bowlers attribute their love for cricket to Wasim Akram’s performances on the field. The veteran cricketer transformed reverse bowling into an art form, dazzling fanbases while bamboozling opposing batters. Akram was so good with the reverse swing that batsmen knew what was coming, but couldn’t respond.

Waqar Younis – Master Yorker

Pakistan had more than one great reverse swing bowler, and Waqar Younis always cemented his position as a top pacer. The cricketer was an unplayable figure on many nights and could produce swingers racing at over 140kmph. Younis loved producing deadly yorkers and always found 150kmph toe-crushers easy to manage.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar – Swing Bowling Maestro

Bhuvneshwar Kumar ranks high among cricketers who can deliver inswing and reverse bowling balls during games. He may have fallen out of the national team in recent times, but there is evidence that Kumar still has the magic. His performances in the Indian Premier League (IPL) continue to show why many highly-rated commentators praise Kumar’s gameplay abilities.

Zaheer Khan – Swing and Pace Bowler

India’s top talent at the time was one of the best reverse swing bowlers in cricket. Khan produced deadly reverse swingers that made responding quite difficult for opposing batters to manage.

Dale Steyn – Ace Swing Bowler

Steyn produced several deadly swing balls towards opposing stumps throughout gameplay. He was a top talent at franchise and international level, but always suffered fitness problems across seasons. Fans and commentators still regard Dale as one of the sport’s top reverse swingers of all time.

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