Who is the best player in Pakistan Cricket team?

Babar Azam is the current best player in Pakistan’s national cricket team. He holds the record for most runs scored among active players in Pakistan’s senior team (4,813 as of March 30 2023). Azam also contributes immensely to the team’s overall game, ensuring professional play across innings.

There’s so much more to learn about the best players in Pakistan’s cricket team. Let’s take a look at some vital members of the team, all-time greats, and other indispensable members of Pakistan’s cricket history.

Top Pakistan Players of All Time

Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad was not the tallest player among his teammates, but this diminutive cricketer could hold his own against fierce opposition. The experienced batter harnessed his skillset to become one of Pakistan’s greatest players ever.

Javed employed aggressive batting to his smallish stature and quickly became a terror to opposition batter. He debuted for Pakistan against the Kiwis in October 1976 and was able to get a century in his first game. Miandad was able to rack up 163 runs in his first inning, announcing his potential to Pakistani and international cricket.

Javed will go on to become Pakistan’s skipper at 22 years old. He scored over 8000 runs in his career and managed an impressive 52.57 batting rate with two dozen centuries and over 40 half-centuries.


Inzamam-ul-Haq remains one of Pakistan’s best ever captains many years after his retirement. The experienced cricketer had a chance to shine on his debut in June 1992. He blew away opposing bowlers with his decisive, balanced batting skillset. His heroic performance in Birmingham on that day made him one of Pakistan’s hottest prospects at the time.

He will go on to feature in 120 Test games for Pakistan, scoring over 8,800 runs for his country. The ex-skipper featured in 200+ innings and had a decent batting average of 49.60.

Younis Khan

Younis Khan retired from international cricket as one of Pakistan’s best-ever batters. He holds major batting records for his country and was a top performer across formats. Younis debuted in 2000 as a Pakistan cricket international and scored his first century (107) in his first game against Sri Lanka.

Khan will go on to score over thirty centuries for Pakistan in 118 Test matches and racked up 10,099 runs across formats. Younis was able to record an impressive 52.12 batting average in his career, making him a reliable member of his team throughout his playing days.

He played for Pakistan for 15 years (2000 to 2015) and is a legendary figure in the domestic and international cricket scene.

Mohammad Yousuf

Mohammad Yousuf played as an integral member of Pakistan’s senior squad for many years. The experienced cricketer was able to contribute to Pakistani cricket through his performances in the 2000s.

Yousuf debuted in 1998 against South Africa and was able to show his prowess on his first game as a senior cricketer. He will go on to feature for Pakistan as an opening batter for more than a decade. Yousuf was able to score 7,530 runs in his international Test cricket career in about 156 innings.

Top 4 Active Pakistani Cricketers According to Most Runs Scored in ICC Matches

Some of Pakistan’s all-time great cricket players are still active for their country. Here’s a list of the best four (4) Pakistan cricket players according to most runs scored from their debut through to the present day:

PlayerRunsMatchesInningsBatting Ave.Career
Babar Azam4,813959359.412015-present
Fakhar Zaman2,785656545.652017-present
Haris Sohail1,749454444.842013-present
Mohammad Rizwan1,247524732.812015-present

Top 10 Pakistani Cricketers of All Time According to Most Runs Scored in ICC Matches

Pakistan has had some of the best players in world cricket across decades. Some of these players have racked up thousands of runs throughout their illustrious careers. Check out ten (10) of the top Pakistani cricketers according to most runs scored from their debut to retirement:

PlayerRunsMatchesInningsBatting Ave.Career
Inzamam-ul-Haq11,70137534839.531991-2007 (16 years)
Mohammad Yousuf9,55428126742.081998-2010 (12 years)
Saeed Anwar8,82424724439.211989-2003 (14 years)
Shahid Afridi8,02739336423.811996-2015 (19 years)
Shoaib Malik7,53428725834.551999-2019 (20 years)
Javed Miandad7,38123321841.701975-1996 (21 years)
Younis Khan7,24926525531.242000-2015 (15 years)
Saleem Malik7,17028325632.881982-1999 (17 years)
Mohammad Hafeez6,61421821632.902003-2019 (16 years)
Ijaz Ahmed6,56425023232.331986-2000 (14 years)

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