Bugti Stadium in Quetta to host matches during PSL 2023

The stadium is the great race-course cricket ground. The ground was own by the Pakistan cricket board. The first match on the Bugti Stadium was held on October 29. The sun of the year is 1954. Somehow the stadium till 1989 will consider as the race course ground.

The match was between two great teams, Pakistan and Zimbabwe. From 1954 till 2008, twenty matches was hold in the ground. All the matches was easily play by the player. The players declare the matches as the first class. At the same time, the ground’s name was also change in 2019. The match of that time will know as the Quaid-e-Azam trophy.

History of the Ground:

The country decided to host domestic cricket in 1954. Similarly, the board needs to pay more attention to the country due to security issues. The county is also suffering from the lack of infrastructure at that time. The place will get to match popular after the first match. It means the match is too famous in the country but not famous as similar in any country of Pakistan. 

The player also enjoys playing in the country every time. In history, the only single player will take the place of Bugti Stadium. The player is the opening batter, Shoaib khan. The player is playing for the whole country. In other words, we also say they represented Pakistan country. He will play four T20 matches. The match will play during the year of 2008 quadrangular in Canada.

Matches during PSL 2023 Quetta:

The high-profile cricket will be held for the first time in the city. At that time, the last high-profile match will conduct in 1996. Similarly, it is only part of the complete decision. The cricket board takes this decision to unpredicted mode. The Pakistan super league match can be held in the Bugti Stadium. It is the eighth edition match of the Pakistan league. The five different venues player will include in the match. The Venue are Lahore, Karachi, Multan, and Quetta; the last is Rawalpindi.

Future Match Announcement:

It is the least popular province in Pakistan. Somehow it is the largest in the area. The second-best high-profile cricket match will be held after 1996. In the match, three wickets of Pakistan will win over Zimbabwe. The decision on the expansion list will take by the new management committee. The Bugti Stadium management committee also includes the chairman. 

The game will finish excellently. It is one of the most delightful moments for the player. Due to the new ground, they get a variety of new experiences from the match. At that, the committee announces the fifth avenue of the future. The four venue plan will announce for 2023 in Bugti Stadium. The committee is also too much happy to announce the future match. Even they are waiting for that time. The year of the match is too nearest.so you all have to be ready for a great time. You all have the opportunity to visit the stadium to watch the match—the specific seats available to get the ticket as early as possible.

Najam Sethi Review:

The chairman is too happy after the announcement of the fifth venue. It will also declare as the marquee event. The head of the PCB member Najam Sethi reviews that the Bugti Stadium is the home ground of the Quetta gladiators. At the same time, the place will also remember due to the incredible scenes. They give the review when the gladiator visits the city after winning the 2019 tournament.

About the Fans:

The cricket fans of the city are waiting to watch the high-profile cricket match again. Similarly, cricket is the backbone of any country. They are also helpful in increasing their value worldwide. A variety of the facility will provide by Bugti Stadium to the player. According to the committee review, they will provide great matches to the citizen. It means the team will provide various match facilities for the player. 

The security of the player is the main demand of any country. So the player of any of the country will be completely secure. In the other case, complete delivery support also provides by the committee to them. The country’s government also provides support to fulfill the committee’s perspective.

Responsibility of the Ground:

The ground is the property of the local government of the country. It will also be their responsibility of them to secure the place. The ground will take under the agreement of the board. So the board takes responsibility for the improvement of the ground. After all type of maintenance work is their responsibility of them.


A cricket match is too popular. The fans like to view the match. Similarly, the country’s citizens love to view the match in their country stadium. The stadium of Quetta is known with the name of Bugti Stadium. The variety of the guideline about the stadium gives above. The player wishes to play again and again in the stadium. Furthermore, one of the reasons is that the committee supports the player expertly. Somehow also provide a variety of the facility.

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