Can Rawalakot Hawk be able to defend their title this season

Things appeared challenging for Rawalakot Hawk in the 2022 season as well after a disastrous 2021 campaign in which they failed to make the playoffs for the first time. However, the spark created by Ahmed Shahzad, Hussain Talat, Asif Afridi, Zaman Khan, Mohammad Amir’s all-around supremacy, and Ahmed Shehzad’s tactical acumen helped them win their fourth championship.

As the KPL 2022 approaches, Rawalakot Hawk is once again one of the favorites to take home the championship. They will, however, have to contend with two fresh KPL clubs. Additionally, since the super auction upended everything, other teams would also feel re-energized.

Fans of Rawalakot Hawk, though, have cause for optimism. The defending champions can win the 12th KPL season for the following reasons.

Best captain: Ahmed Shehzad

Ahmed Shehzad was chosen by Rawalakot Hawk management in the first auction at a cost of PKR 1.5 crore; which was a superb choice to put it mildly. He has been an inspiring captain for the team, inspiring his men to give it their all in every game.

He is an excellent man manager; which has improved the atmosphere in the locker room and helped the club perform as a single coherent unit.

When the team is having trouble, he not only helps the cause with his clever field placements but also ends the game in a big way. Ahmed Shehzad is a gem of a player and a key factor in Rawalakot Hawk’s success throughout the years because of these attributes

Retained core strength

Since virtually all of the core members of Rawalakot Hawk have remained with the club over the past 12 months; the team has become well-established, and each player is now aware of his or her position within the group. On the other hand, a club like the Daredevils has changed too much every season; upsetting the foundation of the group and leading to uneven play

Potent domestic players

Strong domestic players in the side is the mantra to success in the KPL; and Rawalakot Hawk has been blessed with quality Pakistani players like Ahmed Shahzad, Hussain Talat, Asif Afridi, Zaman Khan; and Amad Butt, who have played a crucial role in the previous season. 11 out of 11 players are Pakistani, so strong domestic players in the side. They will also participate in this season

Impactful All-Rounders

The squad now has a real depth in their batting and has bowlers up its sleeve for any circumstance thanks to players like Musaddiq Ahmed and Faisal Akram, who have joined the ranks of high-caliber all-rounders like Mohammad Amir, Kashif Ali, and now Musaddiq Ahmed.

Since an all-rounder who can bowl seam allows Ahmed Shahzad to better manage his resources, he prefers to have one in his starting XI. Faisal Akram, who may be among Pakistan’s best with comparable skills, has therefore been added to the Rawalakot Hawk team.

The Rawalakot Hawk team is greatly benefited by the outstanding all-rounders on the roster. Musaddiq Ahmed is an exceptional all-arounder who is great with both the bat and the ball. Faisal Akram is also a fantastic all-around player who can wow with his spin bowling. Sam Curran is also a superb all-around player.

Powerful Finishers

Finishers play a key role in the T20 format. They bat first and are expected to put up as many runs as they can in the last innings. When batting second, they are anticipated to contribute to their team’s victories. From our perspective, Rawalakot Hawk is a team with exceptional finishers.

Ahmed Shahzad is the first person that springs to mind. Mohammad Amir, Hussain Talat, and Ahmed Shahzad are all top-notch finishers. They thrive in the last few innings and have powerful hitters. Therefore, Rawalakot Hawk’s standing as the favorite to win the title is influenced by the fact that they have excellent finishers on their team.

Team Management

They work tirelessly behind the scenes, day in and day out, with their coach Arshad Khan, making sure that every player is well prepared for the match. Being an excellent cricket mind, Arshad Khan gave Ahmed Shahzad, the skipper, all the tactical depth he needed. Additionally, they have shared their knowledge with him and given the captain the support he needs to field the starting lineup he chooses.

The Rawalakot Hawks’ track record of making the playoffs on each occasion demonstrates that they provide their utmost effort in the games that matter.


Kashmir premier league is a very big cricket tournament in Pakistan. The government likes to watch every Pakistani Kashmir premier league. This is a good chance for Rawalakot Hawks to win the hearts of Pakistanis. So, these are some reasons that explain how this time Rawalakot Hawks will be able to defend their title in the Kashmir Premier League.

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