Cricket Betting Markets

Cricket betting markets

It’s a fact that, For many years, cricket has been an integral part of Indian society. Cricket is a sport which is enjoyed by betting communities around the world.

It’s not wrong to say, Cricket has billions of fans worldwide. With a massive cricket betting market.

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, with football being the first. Well, it’s true that, In India, there are more than 140 million regular bettors, and during big events like the IPL, this number could reach 370 million.

But what types of markets are available to anyone looking to get involved?

Let’s find out in this blog.

First. Let us go through some betting sites:

Now that we list the best betting site.

So, What are Cricket Betting Markets?

It means the variety of bets offered by a Cricket betting site match-wise. Some bookies offer more coverage than others.

The vast majority will offer cricket betting options that are more popular.

Let’s begin with the very basic Cricket betting types.

What are some cricket betting types?

Match Bet:

It is one of the most common and fundamental bet types that almost every market offers. All you have to say is which team will win or draw. Making bets on underdogs can help you win more than you anticipated.

Tied Match Bet:

The tied match falls under the category of simple bet types. You only need to bet on whether you believe the game will end in a tie. Additional name: “Draw no Bet.”

Double Chance:

You can wager on the team to win or draw.

Series Winner:

Anytime a team plays in a series. As a bettor, you have the choice to wager on each game separately. However, you also have the choice to wager directly on the series winner.

Outright winner:

A claim made during major tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy is known as a future bet. Making such predictions, without a doubt, invites greater risk, but it also provides significant cricket betting odds.

So, these are the betting types.

Now, let’s talk about Cricket Team Proposition Bets.

Win Toss:

This one is an initial wager on who might win the toss.

Toss Combination:

The bet is similar to the winning toss, but there is a twist. You must not only predict who will win the coin toss. Will the victorious captain bat first or second?

First Innings:

You get to wager on the team’s score at the end of the first innings.

Match score:

In this bet, you make a broad prediction about how many runs a team will score by the end of the game.

Over/Under Score:

Much similar to the match score, but it integrates both teams’ gameplay.

Most match sixes:

This bet is placed on the team that scores the most sixes during the game. However, make sure to check the rules for dealing with ties.

Most run-outs:

It is to predict which team will have the majority of run-outs during the game.

Total Fours:

You must predict whether a specific team’s total number of fours will be greater than or less than the given benchmark.

How to Bet on Cricket Online in India?

  • Find a good cricket betting website (bookmaker/sportsbook).
  • Sign up and create your betting account with that website.
  • Choose from the available payment options and deposit money into your betting account.
  • Select ‘Cricket’ from the website’s menu and choose a match/series/tournament you wish to bet on.
  • Choose from the different betting markets like Match Winner, Top Batsman, Top Bowler, Man of the Match etc.
  • Pick your bet, enter the amount of money (stake) in the bet slip generated and hit the ‘Place Bet’ button to confirm your bet.

Are There Cricket Betting Markets You Should Avoid?

The more variety there is in cricket betting markets, the better.

However, there are a few that we recommend you avoid because they are either too complex.

It necessitates almost superhuman prediction abilities or is purely speculative, with no room for application or analysis.

Recognize that you will always need a little luck to win any bet.

The following is a list of some markets we’d advise you to keep off:

Total runs to be scored (Even/Odd)

Runs off the 1st/2nd/3rd.

Deliveries: (Over/Under)

First/second innings total runs: (O/U)

First/second innings ‘X’ over total runs: (O/U)

There are many more that can feature on this list. It is simply to give you an idea of the kind of cricket betting markets to avoid.

Now, let us talk about Cricket Betting Markets For Tests:

The following cricket betting markets are designed for the game’s longest format:

First innings lead:

You bet on the side you think will be in the lead at the end of the two teams’ first innings.

Highest opening partnership:

You place a wager on the team you believe will put together the largest opening wicket partnership.

To score a century:

Here, you bet on the batsman you think will score a ton.

Top batsman (1st innings):

You guess which batsman will lead his team in scoring at the end of the first innings, as the name implies.

What are Cricket Betting Markets For ODIs?

The following are cricket betting markets tailored for 50-over games:

Over/under ‘X’ runs/wickets:

Cricket over/under betting markets typically refers to the anticipated total runs (scored by both teams) for a match. But this also applies to the number of wickets that were taken throughout the contest.

Make an informed wager by taking into account the pitch report, head-to-head statistics, and recent matches between the two teams in question.

First dismissal method:

This cricket betting market has been described in detail above. In this scenario, you had to guess whether the first wicket would be

  1. Bowled
  2. Caught
  3. Stumped
  4. Run-out
  5. LBW.

Team to score most 4s/6s:

Here, you bet on the team you think will hit the most 6s/4s in the game. Simple.

A century to be scored:

The market is also not too complicated. You merely forecast whether the game will feature at least one 100-point score (yes or no).

What are the Cricket Betting Markets For T20Is?

In the beginning, the T20 format wasn’t taken seriously enough.

There has been no turning back since the first-ever T20 World Cup in 2007 when it finally gained popularity.

The shortest format has gained popularity among cricket betting enthusiasts over time.

A fifty to be scored:

In the shortest format, a half-century is much more frequent than a hundred. You can simply wager on whether a fifty will be scored during the game in this market.

Total 4s/6s in the match:

You can wager on whether the total 4s/6s in the game will be over or under the cap set by the betting site in the over/under cricket betting market.

Team Total 4s/6s:

You can also wager on whether your selection will hit more or less than the limit set by the betting site in the over/under market.

And at last, Cricket Betting Advice Final Say from us:

Get moving and investigate betting in new markets now that you are aware of the best cricket betting markets. As always, we suggest that you prioritise value when placing bets. Always play it safe!