Cricket return to Pakistan: A timeline since 2009

There is versatility for the fans of Cricket Pakistan. The most affected activity by the fans that has been seen is the uncertainty of the terror attack; which made the teams unable to play in international formats. It has been a decade since the test series has been played in Pakistan. The generosity and hospitality provided by Warren Deutrom, CEO of Cricket Ireland, were witnessed in Pakistan. Therefore, the team has promised the country to be part of the cricket reintegration.

The Return of Cricket in Pakistan:

Cricket Pakistan has numerous fans loving the former game, and the public misses its game formats and spark. The last time Pakistan hosted its Test was in the year 2009. Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was not appointed for the debut of the series. The most horrific incident that occurred with the Sri Lankan teams where the attack was made on the bus outside the Gaddafi Stadium.

It forced the suspension of international cricket and halted the operations of the flourishing of the games. It has managed to cut off the players from the country and made a brimming zeal in the players.

In May 2015, Zimbabwe where the teams took cautious steps in dealing with the precursors of international cricket returns. The full members have agreed on the terms of playing where Afghanistan and Kenya have travelled in the country since 2013 and 2014.

Women’s cricket in Karachi

The series lopsided the side Zimbabwe and failed to win a single game which meant losing the ODI and the T20. The teams were grateful for sending the teams and entrusting the normal services. Cricket Pakistan has managed to deal with the Bangladesh women. Not long before men’s cricket, women’s cricket played T20 and ODI in Karachi. In this way, it has been forming the proper ranges on playing with the proper matches.

The following tour went out smoothly; dealing with the competition and the tourist coming with 20 runs and making the winning chances of the first ODI. Bangladeshi skipper Salma Khatun was in pain during the game as the tour was stressful. She even stated her views by saying they were given the highest level of security concerning what was happening in the country.

In 2017, the PSI finals paid off the biggest game that was played in the year 2019. It has been developing the increase of the terrorist attack and made the international player strong in safety and security.

Cricket Pakistan, the Pakistan Super League finals came out through the biggest gamble. Also, an increase in terrorist attacks was led by the FICA in the international union players.

Return of T20 Match in Pakistan

Again, in the year 2017, World XI symbolized the opening of the T20 match that made the championship. Even the ICC assigned the series explaining the international status and speeding on the return of the top flight. After the eight long years of the Lahore attack, it moved on to a solitary match. The final series explained being able to play with the UAE. It was the chuck of players that decided not to travel and also supported the main moves. The PSI finals, which hosted the finals in Lahore in 2017, made a greater chunk in the following tournament. It also made the final tickets and settled the standalone showpiece. The game has also settled down the elaborate security arrangements that made the possible 8500 security personnel.

Cricket Pakistan, with the country West Indies where, has made the third Test-playing tour and decided to step into the comprehensive series. Efforts have been made by Pakistan that has made all the possible range of playing activity. In another way, Sri Lankan chief executive Ashley de Silva added to the statement by making a return visit to Pakistan.

Zakir Khan, the director of international cricket; has made a fabulous range of good activities on agreeing with the longer version games. At the present moment, it has made the proper shift and focused on preparation. It has also been part of dealing with the high standards and putting down the cricket celebration and its official fans.


The activity series has been processed on the way of conducting the series and placing the composite teams. Cricket Pakistan has seen the way of dealing with the game plots. Thus, it has been a great opportunity for Pakistani cricket-loving fans when the games are conducted again. Throughout the years, it has been unable to seek international games and other ventures

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