How many times pakistan won the blind cricket world cup?

Pakistan has won the Blind Cricket World Cup on two occasions in 2002 and 2006. The team has also won several bilateral and trilateral tournaments since their two World Cup triumphs. Pakistan’s blind cricket team are not the most-decorated side in the category, but they have become fan favourites in recent years.

Members of Pakistan’s blind cricket team continue to perform in different categories and tournaments, allowing fans more entertainment through their favourite sport.

World Records Held by the Pakistan Blind Cricket Team

Highest T20I total

Pakistan’s team has the best ever total in a T20I World Cup where they registered a 373/4 score against West Indies in 2017. The team also has the record for highest total in Blind T20I history.

Most Blind World Cup qualifications

Pakistan’s blind cricket team hold a perfect qualification record for the world cup. The team has been in every Blind Cricket World Cup since inception, making them a strong side in that category.

Longest winning streak

Pakistan’s blind cricket team hold the record for consecutive ODI wins in professional cricket. The blind cricket team registered twenty-seven (27) victories across ODIs to set this record.

Longest unbeaten run

The Pakistan blind cricket team added another layer to their impressive record with their unbeaten record in ODIs stretching across five years. They also have the highest international series victories in blind cricket with eleven wins out of thirteen encounters.

Most final appearances in last three World Cups

Pakistan’s blind cricket team have been at the last three Blind Cricket World Cup (ODIs). The team has also been victorious in two out of three finals, making them a top side in 40-over blind cricket.

First Blind cricket Test

Pakistan featured their blind cricket team at the first-ever Test match for players in that category in 2000. The match against South Africa signalled a new turn of events in blind cricket.

First blind Test match victory

Pakistan secured a 94-run win over South Africa at the first Test game between professional blind cricketers in history. The win registered another impressive record to Pakistan’s blind cricket team.

Consecutive ODI and T20 series wins

Pakistan’s blind cricket team have registered seven consecutive victories against Nepal, Sri Lanka, England (on two occasions), South Africa, Australia, and India. The series of wins took place in ODIs and T20s with Pakistan securing victory over England once in the fast-paced T20 format.  

When Did the Pakistan Blind Cricket Team Get Full PCB Recognition?

The Pakistan blind cricket team got full recognition from their main governing body in 2006. Their second Blind Cricket World Cup title in 2006 spurred the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to increase interest in their affairs. They now have the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) to run all operations relating to blind Men in Green cricketers.

How Good is the Welfare Package for Pakistan’s Blind Cricketers?

A Pakistani blind cricketer had this to say about welfare provided by the PCB:

We are contracted players under the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council, which is funded by PCB. Not just that, 80 per cent of us have jobs either in private companies or in the government sector,

There are indications that Pakistan’s blind cricket team receive adequate welfare and support to perform as sportsmen and elsewhere.

How Many Times Has India Won the Blind Cricket World Cup?

India has won the Blind Cricket World Cup on five occasions. The blind cricket team of India has won two (2) One-Day International (ODI) World Cups, three back-to-back Twenty20 (T20) World tiles, and a host of many other international series.

Where is it Better to be a Blind Cricketer – Pakistan or India?

At the moment, blind cricketers in Pakistan are better off than their counterparts in India. Blind cricketers in India get full recognition from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and receive decent wages from their governing body. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) does not officially recognize their blind cricketers, even if the team has won almost three times more World Cups than Pakistan’s side.

Pakistan Blind Cricket Squad Current Players

  • Zeeshan Abbasi (captain) – B2
  • Tahir Ali – B3
  • Nisar Ali – B2
  • Muhammad Zohaib Ghafoor – B3
  • Muhammad Zafar – B1
  • Muhammad Waqas – B1
  • Muhammad Jameel (vice-captain) – B3
  • Muhammad Idrees Saleem – B1
  • Muhammad Ayaz – B1
  • Muhammad Akram – B3
  • Masood Jan – B2
  • Iftikhar Hussain – B3
  • Gulab Khan – B1
  • Arfan Majeed – B2
  • Anees Javed – B2
  • Amir Ishfaq – B2
  • Ali Murtaza – B2

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