Is It Finally Time to Reignite Historic India vs Pakistan Rivarly in Test Cricket?

India vs Pakistan rivalry on the cricketing field is famous worldwide. The emotions, anticipation, and historical context surrounding these clashes make them a spectacle like none, which explains the vibe witnessed in recent games. When the two giant Asian cricket teams face each other, the situation becomes wonderful. Pakistan playing test matches India is nowadays a history. It is also a dream for cricket lovers to witness Pakistan and India stand in front of each other on the ground of international test matches. However, amid the political uneasiness that has plagued the cricketing relationship between India and Pakistan, Test cricket, the traditional game format, has taken a backseat.

Test cricket in Asia:

Red-ball cricket has declined in popularity in recent years, particularly in the subcontinent nations, primarily due to fewer matches being played. The emergence of T-20 cricket has captivated the masses, resulting in a shift in the cricketing landscape, and fans now expose their preferences for T-20 cricket over Test cricket matches.

Among the major Asian cricket-playing countries, India played most of the red ball matches in the last five years, and the number is 49. Sri Lanka is holding the second position with 41 test matches. The third place is for Pakistan played 36 test matches. Bangladesh and Afghanistan are in the fifth and sixth position with 32 and 6 red ball matches. So, India is in good practice with the test pitch, whereas Pakistan has few steps left.

Test cricket matches: India vs Pakistan.

It has been too long since the 2 teams last clashed in a Test in 2007. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to refresh this historic rivalry for the betterment of cricket. The absence of a Test series between the all-time rivals for over a decade is a disheartening truth. Recent history has shown the overwhelming desire of cricket lovers for these games.

We have seen India vs Pakistan long-format cricket matches 59 times. The first match was held in October 1952, and the latest meeting was in December 2007. Among these 59 matches, Pakistan Won 12 times, whereas India did 9 times. 38 matches went drawn.

15 Test series have been played between the 2 nations, and a one-off Test was played in February 1999 as part of the Asian Test Championship. India has hosted 8 of the series, with 32 matches done at home and the one-off match in 1999. Pakistan has hosted 7 series, with 26 matches played at the home grounds. Each side has 4 series wins, although Pakistan has the greater winning numbers.

As cricket continues to gain extreme popularity, bilateral cricket between Pakistan and India has become crucial for reviving the longest format. Now is the time to keep aside differences and focus on the larger picture as it will entail the reviving of Test cricket, rekindling the sporting spirit between the all-time arch-rival.

Reintroducing India vs Pakistan Test series provides a chance to reinvigorate red-ball cricket and restore the interest of cricket fans, particularly in Asia. The vibe of this rivalry will redirect the attention of cricketers and fans towards the longest format, allowing the Test version of cricket to regain its rightful place between the two countries at the forefront of cricketing discussions.

India vs Pakistan stats:

Among the total played 15 test series between India and Pakistan, Pakistan won 7 on their home grounds and 5 at the away level. India won the same number of test series in the home and two matches they grabbed in the outstations. Here is the list showing how many times the two teams played test matches against each other and what the results are.

DecadeMatchesPakistan wonIndia wonMatch drawn


Test cricket aggression and excitement regarding India vs Pakistan is obsessive in true words. Right now, cricket is weaker without its showpiece rivalry, but hopefully, the crackling neighbors can start putting distinguishes aside and reintroduce a contest that transcends Test cricket.

Beyond the sport of cricket, the resumption of test cricket between Pakistan and India can mend recently strained bilateral cricketing relations. Cricket has often served as a bridge between these 2 neighboring countries, fostering dialogue, understanding, and camaraderie among the cricketers and cricket lovers alike in the fast.

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