IPL 2024: Business Value Hits USD 16.4 billion, Brand Value high to USD 3.4 Billion

Houlihan Lokey reports that the Indian Premier League IPL experienced an overall value growth of 6.5% after its IPL 2024 season. The report from one of America’s top investment banks pegs India’s premier cricket league at a $16.4 billion valuation. The report adds that the league’s brand value rose to $3.4 billion after the 2024 season.

There has been a significant increase in franchise revenue over the years, primarily driven by revenue from television rights, despite each team having sponsorship revenue ranging from US$ 5-12 million. A major agreement was signed by Qatar Airways for around US$ 9 million (Rs 75 crore) for a three-year contract with Royal Challengers Bengaluru,”

The IPL’s business brand continues to flourish and attracts massive fan engagement to India’s biggest cricket league.

Why is the IPL So Valuable?

Several factors contribute to the IPL’s skyrocketing business value and brand value:

Bumper advertising deals

The IPL attracts massive brand attention from numerous local and international companies. These companies are usually willing to pay huge sums for a chance to associate with India’s premier cricket competition.

The BCCI and IPL organizers secure huge funding from these advertising deals for smooth operations. Securing such funding from dozens of companies also boosts the league’s overall value in comparison to other competitions.

Mammoth TV rights funding

Airing the IPL on your satellite network or streaming platform is no cheap endeavour. Broadcast companies from all around the world must pay a determined amount to air IPL games on their networks. Several broadcast firms in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Australia, England, and other countries air IPL games every season.

Such massive funding from broadcasting gives the BCCI and IPL huge returns from holding TV rights. The growing appeal of IPL cricket worldwide also supports growing TV rights value to this league.


Advertising deals are not the only source of revenue and brand growth for IPL – sponsorships also boost the league’s overall value. Several popular brands like TATA and others have sponsored the IPL for years, bringing mutual value to both entities. TATA’s current $300 million, five-year sponsorship deal adds to the league’s rising value in recent seasons.

This significant investment, coupled with last year’s massive media rights auction, underscores the IPL’s status as a pivotal platform for esteemed brands seeking to enhance their value,” the Houlihan Lokey report added.

High player valuations

The rising appeal for IPL cricket worldwide attracts some of the sport’s best talents from foreign nations. India’s premier cricket league sees several top players from Australia, New Zealand, The West Indies, and other nations feature for various franchises. The league’s contingent of domestic talent is also one of cricket’s best worldwide.

Players are valued at several crore rupees for their skillsets, boosting the league’s high-value status among similar competitions.

Huge fanbase

India’s over 1 billion population already supports a lucrative base for the IPL to build a mammoth brand image. The league attracts over 110 million active fans on social media through franchises and many more offline.

A statement from the Houlihan Lokey report rightly reads:

Apart from mega events such as the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, and the Cricket World Cup, the IPL is the only property in the world that has the ability to reach over a billion-plus populace, with its popularity not just limited to the Indian subcontinent,”

Cricket is a huge sport in India and fans always want steady action from fast-paced T20 cricket. Massive fanbase appeal guarantees the BCCI enough support to sustain the IPL’s growing brand image.

Harsh Talikoti (Houlihan Lokey exec) also had this to say about the IPL’s growing appeal to fans worldwide:

The league’s growth is not just in numbers but also in its innovative approach to engaging fans and leveraging digital platforms. This year’s increase in value underscores the IPL’s strategic initiatives and its robust fan base.”

Competitive cricket

High-octane, edge-of-your-seat action guarantees fan engagement in any sport. The IPL constitutes some of T20 cricket’s best-ever moments in recent memory, attracting tons of fanbases worldwide. There’s no dull moment in the high-stakes cricket league and every fan desires a glimpse of that fast-paced sporting action.

Top Most Valuable Franchises in the IPL

The value of each IPL franchise contributes to this league’s overall worth. Current valuations of each franchise (after IPL 2024) list their valuations based on overall worth, sponsorship value, and other elements:

  1. Chennai Super Kings – USD 231 million (₹ 1930 crores)
  2. Royal Challengers Bengaluru – USD 227 million (₹ 1897 crores)
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders – USD 216 million (₹ 1805 crores)
  4. Mumbai Indians – USD 204 million (₹ 1705 crores)
  5. Rajasthan Royals – USD 133 million (₹ 1111 crores)
  6. Sunrisers Hyderabad – USD 132 million (₹ 1103 crores)
  7. Delhi Capitals – USD 131 million (₹ 1094 crores)
  8. Gujarat Titans – USD 124 million (₹ 1036 crores)
  9. Punjab Kings – USD 101 million (₹ 844 crores)
  10. Lucknow Super Giants – USD 91 million (₹ 760 crores)

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