IPL vs T20 WC Strike Rates: Why the World is Falling behind Franchise Cricket

Batters at the IPL 2024 roared to an impressive strike rate aggregate of 150.5. Such a high strike rate boosts the profile of franchise T20 cricket over internationals in the same format. For context, the ongoing T20 WC 2024 has an aggregate strike rate of 103. Many fans of T20 WC cricket continue to favour IPL games over international iterations of this format.

Does the IPL Have Better Strike Rates than T20 World Cups?

Recent T20 World Cups (2021 and 2022) have had significantly lower strike rates than IPL seasons on aggregate. However, there are several factors to consider while highlighting the strike rate differences in both competitions. High-scoring IPL batters may struggle in T20Is; however, there are cases where few batsmen score more runs in internationals.

Why Does the IPL Have Higher Strike Rates than T20 World Cups?

IPL gets as fast as T20 cricket can go, making it a top competition for talented batters and pacers. Batters in IPL franchises tend to favour daring strikes over cautious approaches advised in international competitions. A greater chance to attempt high-scoring swings at IPL games directly influences its better strike rates compared to T20 WCs.

How Do Franchise Batters Ensure a High-Powered Performance?

Batters in IPL franchises target consistent performances by maximizing training periods and rest breaks between games. Nicholas Pooran smashed a super-fast half-century at IPL 2023. The skilled batter required fifteen balls to achieve this impressive milestone on April 10, 2023. He is in the best position to describe IPL batters’ regular performance routine across top franchises:  

For me, it’s all about consistency. During a tournament it’s quite difficult to get in a lot of gym work, and it’s all about doing some functional work, doing work that’s covering movements that you are doing on the cricket field. Sometimes if we have a two-day break, then I try to get a proper session in. I just try to cover all my body parts – hamstrings, quads, glutes, shoulders, core, back – that I need to use in the games.”

Do IPL Batters Target Short Boundaries More?

Nicholas Pooran believes most IPL batters now obsess over getting short boundaries over longer ones. The cricketer made his opinion public during his tell-all interview:

Of course, you have to [target more short boundaries]. The game has changed so much where it makes more sense targeting the short boundary than a big boundary. It’s difficult for bowlers now and they obviously try to protect the bigger boundary, so when you get the opportunity to hit the shorter boundary, you have to take it. If you have that skill set where you can hit wide balls to the short boundaries, that’s even better.”

Pooran’s comments align with the performances of several top IPL batters in recent times. The batting maestro detailed how many IPL swingers amass higher strike rates by going for more shorter boundaries. Longer boundaries secure greater runs; however, short targets can be easier to reach in tight encounters.

Why is the Disparity Wide between IPL and T20 WC Strike Rates?

Several factors prompt the wide strike rate disparity between IPL and T20 WC competitions:

Varying weather conditions

Variance in weather conditions can directly affect high-scoring teams in T20 competitions. Abandoning games at the ongoing T20 WC 2024 became unavoidable due to bad weather. However, IPL games rarely encounter washouts based on their calendar. Bad weather or other adverse conditions are easy to avoid in franchise cricket than in international competitions.

The higher chance of abandoned games at T20 WC competitions directly affects this tournament’s potential for high strike rates.

Home advantage

Every IPL franchise has a home stadium and is expected to host opposing teams each season. IPL teams away from home always have a hard time getting points off opposition franchises at home. Away sides usually put up a strong showing against home franchises with high-scoring performances.

Home teams are also fired up to deliver daring strikes against visiting teams, leading to high-scoring encounters.

Separate rules

The IPL has a range of rules that encourage franchises to score more runs during games. Some of these rules (like the Impact Player Rule) are not available at the T20 WC. These rule innovations available in IPL cricket drive daring batters and fielders to extract more runs and catches from opposing teams.

Games per team

IPL franchises play more games on average per season compared to teams in T20 World Cups. Franchises are expected to encounter each other at least on two occasions in IPL cricket before eliminator rounds and playoffs begin.

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