Is Crickex a good cricket betting site in Pakistan?

Just like in India, cricket betting is very popular in Pakistan too. Most of the people in India use Crickex betting site to do online cricket batting and following the same, many people in Pakistan also use the Crickex betting site to do online cricket batting.

But it is important to know that is Crickex a good cricket betting site in Pakistan just like how go it is in India? If you are a Pakistani and want to know about it, then today’s article is for you. In today’s article, we will tell you whether Crickex betting site is a good cricket betting site in Pakistan or not.

Crickex overview

Crickex betting site entered the online cricket betting industry a while back and has become one of the most popular online cricket betting sites in a short time. Also, Crickex became very popular in a short time because it is an online cricket betting site as well as a betting exchange site. There are many betting exchange sites available at present and cricket is the best among them all.

Crickex’s main focus is on India but still people from other countries only choose Crickex to do online cricket betting. The interface of Crickex is quite good, people will not face any problems in using it.

Along with this, you can play a number of online casino games using Crickex. Through Crickex, you can play many live casino games such as Baccarat, Super Sic Bo, Deal or No Deal, and many more. If you have a quite good internet connection, you can play live casino and online casino games without any trouble by using Crickex.

This thing makes Crickex betting site even more different from other online cricket betting sites. So one thing is quite clear, Crickex is a good online cricket betting site for Pakistan but is it secure to use in Pakistan? We will also tell you this.

Is it secure to use Crickex in Pakistan?

Of course, before using any online betting site, you will definitely want to know whether it is safe to use that online betting site or not. So if we talk about is it safe to use Crickex in Pakistan? So, yes it is secure to use Crickex in Pakistan.

Crickex is quite a secure online betting site as the Curacao Gaming Commission regulates it and has given it the license to provide online cricket and casino activities to people. Along with this, Crickex site runs on a security feature Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which protects and keeps your personal data and information inside Crickex site only.

Crickex follows a high standard of protocols to make sure that your Crickex account details and payment details are stored securely inside Crickex site. In addition, Crickex also provides online cricket betting and online casino betting guidelines following which you can de secure and safe online betting. So it can be said very clearly that yes it is secure to use Crickex in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, what type of payment does Crickex allow?

Crickex’s website is mainly designed for Indians but as we said above, the Crickex is used all over the world including in Pakistan too and that is why Crickex’s has allowed a way for Pakistanis to do deposits and withdraws in Crickex.

Pakistanis can do direct bank deposits and withdraw on the Crickex website. direct bank deposits and withdrawals are the only way which Crickex has allotted for Pakistanis to do deposits and withdrawals on Crickex website.

Crickex staff gets to work quickly after receiving the withdrawal request. They make sure that the withdrawal request is processed within the next six hours. By getting in touch with customer service, you can also cancel your withdrawal request. If you’d like, you can withdraw the money right away onto your debit or credit card; however, this may take up to six hours to appear on your statement.

Do Crickex offer bonuses in Pakistan too?

Yes of course Crickex offers bonuses in Pakistan. You will receive a 100% welcome bonus on your deposit if you choose to wager on sports. Every Monday, you can receive a 5% weekly cashback in live casino games up to PKR 1,44,1361. The smallest cashback is PKR 144. Sexy Baccarat has a 100% Welcome Bonus up to PKR 14,413 for live casino games, with a 25x wagering requirement.


In the end, there is no doubt in saying that Crickex is a good cricket betting site in Pakistan. Pakistanis who are looking for online cricket betting sites in Pakistan can use Circkex online cricket betting sites. Crickex is open about the fact that they are new to the betting industry but It does not imply that it is not a good website to do online cricket betting in Pakistan. Pakistanis can use Crickex, it is a secure and good website do online cricket betting in Pakistan

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