Is “Mind Joy” a Legit App for Making Real Money?    

Mind Joy has become a popular app among users who want to make real money online, but it’s not a legit app for making real money. Search elsewhere if you need a legitimate app to make real cash online, as Mind Joy isn’t the best option for you.  

Many users of the app have started pouring their review in about the app and its overall experience. We’ll share major updates from using the app and get you every vital detail to know if it’s worth your while or not.

How Does Mind Joy Work?

Mind Joy operates as an app to help users monitor their state of mind along with providing one or two daily recommendations in-app. The app also assists users in taking note of daily activities, boosting scheduling of everyday life. People with a disorganized schedule will benefit a lot from the app if they’re looking for nothing more than proper task segmentation.

Users get a 300,000-point bonus after signing up. The 300,000 points is equal to $3, and users get this sum added immediately to their Mind Joy accounts. Mind Joy provides notes of engagements at different times of each day. These engagement notes contain words of encouragement and text to help users focus.

Why is Mind Joy a Popular App?

Three major reasons gives Mind Joy its popular status among users:

Promise of real cash payments

Anyone will want to get free cash to perform simple in-app tasks per day, and that’s what Mind Joy promises users. The app claims to offer free cash for successful tasks completed along with a $3 welcome bonus.

A huge chunk of users downloads the app because of its promise of free money. However, negative reviews of the app have shown many users can’t get cash rewards as promised by Mind Joy.

Encouragement notes

A fraction of Mind Joy users downloads the app for its encouragement notes and daily motivation text. Other users also install the app because of its smart organization tools and ease of access from mobile devices.

Addictive interface

Mind Joy operates an addictive user experience that guarantees everyone an exciting time while on the app. You’ll surely fall in love with the design and appearance of this app, even if you can’t get real cash from using it.  

Why is Mind Joy Not So Great?

Too many ads

Users complain about constant ad bombardment as a major turn-off from the Mind Joy app. The app doesn’t let users catch a break before shuffling tons of boring or irrelevant ads in their faces.

Unsafe app versions

There are several unsafe versions of the Mind Joy app online. The app developers have done nothing to protect unsuspecting users from downloading these harmful imitations from third-party sites.

Mind Joy has its app listed on Google Play Store and receives regular updates. However, scammers have succeeded in using the app’s interface to rip off unsuspecting users or steal vital device information.

How Can You Request Payments from the Mind Joy App?

The Mind Joy app provides two “options” to help users withdraw their money – CashApp and PayPal. Mind Joy claims to pay users the $3 welcome bonus instantly; however, you will have to wait for some business days for any response.

It’s also important to know that the app will not reflect any money in your account, no matter the options you choose. You’ll need to go through the “waiting period” before getting the money, according to many user reviews months apart. You’ll find out why it’s so hard to withdraw real money from Mind Joy from the next

Can You Withdraw Real Money from Mind Joy?

You can’t withdraw any real money from Mind Joy as of August 2023. The developers set a minimum withdrawal threshold that no user can get to before rewards run out.

Is There Any Chance that Mind Joy Will Pay Money to New Users?

It’s quite difficult to tell if Mind Joy will ever grant a payout to its countless users worldwide. Data from reviews show that many current users are unsatisfied with their cunning approach to settling user payouts. Download numbers of the app also seem stagnant with more negative reviews popping than positives in recent times.

Star ratings of the app are also coming down after a bright start few weeks after its launch. The welcome bonus still attracts users to download its app sometimes, but it is unclear if Mind Joy will ever honor user payouts in the future.

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