Is MS Dhoni retiring from IPL 2024 with his vintage look?

Former Indian skipper MS Dhoni about his hairstyle shares some interesting facts with all his fans. His vintage looks with the lengthy hair create buzz across social media platforms.

The cricketing legend is famous not only for his superior leadership skills but also for his unique hairstyles evolving according to the trend.

Fans are excited to watch MS Dhoni with a flowing mane once again. His new look is a stylish version of the long hair that debutant MS Dhoni sported when he joined the Indian cricket team in December 2004.

Interestingly, Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf was a huge fan of MS Dhoni’s flowing hairstyle. Also, many cricket fans started sporting his hairstyle when MS Dhoni was building a name for himself at the peak level of international cricket. 

Especially, after winning the 2007 T20 World Cup, Dhoni trimmed his hair and sported various stylish hairstyles. Moreover, after winning the 2011 ODI World Cup, MS Dhoni went completely bald following his religious sentiments.

Over the years, every hairstyle of MS Dhoni has created a sensation among fans.

In 2012, MS Dhoni experimented with growing his hair but he limited it only to a medium level. He never returned to his long hair looks in these years.

From his journey being a local boy in Ranchi to achieving stardom in international cricket, MS Dhoni not only set several records in the sport but also has been a trendsetter in fashion.

Recently, MS Dhoni about his hairstyle reveals the reasons behind growing long hair and the challenges he faces maintaining it.

After undergoing knee surgery, MS Dhoni will be spotted soon in the practice sessions from January 2024.

MS Dhoni about his hairstyle reveals interesting facts

A few days ago in a public event, MS Dhoni about his hairstyle spilled the beans highlighting the difficulties in maintaining long hair and the reasons behind pursuing his challenge.

The entire conversation with MS Dhoni was in Hindi, which is translated into English accurately below:

“ Earlier, when I used to do any Adfilms, it used to take me approximately twenty minutes to get ready and prepare myself for the shot. Within these 20 minutes, the makeup artist and the hair stylist complete their entire work and I would become ready for the Ad shoot.

But, now it takes 1 hour 5 minutes or 1 hour 10 minutes. Sometimes, it might even take 1 hour 20 minutes.

You know it becomes a bit boring sitting on the chair constantly and just waiting to start the Ad shoot.

But, most of my fans loved my new hairstyle very much. So I’ll try to maintain and keep it for some time.”

The above reply from MS Dhoni reveals that he maintains long hair based on the praising response of his fans.

Furthermore, MS Dhoni expressed his commitment to maintaining his new hairstyle with the lengthy hair, by responding to the huge cheering crowd:

“ I agree with your response completely. But it is very difficult to maintain a long hair.”

Conclusively, MS Dhoni with laughter teases his fans by hinting at the option of a change in his hairstyle in the future:

“ I will try to keep the lengthy hairstyle as much as possible. But, someday it might be likely that I wake up and decide it is enough and I’ll trim it down”.

MS Dhoni’s humorous response left everyone bursting out of laughter at the event.

Fans question about MS Dhoni’s new Hairstyle: Revealing the exciting answers 

Several fans pose many interesting questions about MS Dhoni’s new hairstyle.

Finally, the most awaited moment arrives to reveal the answers to the fans’ queries about MS Dhoni’s latest hairstyle:

1. What is the name of Dhoni’s new hairstyle?

On 3rd October 2023, MS Dhoni spiced up on social media with his razor-sharp beard looks and fans popularly named his latest hairstyle “Curly Long Locks”.

2. Who is the hair stylist of Dhoni?

Aalim Hakim is the latest hair stylist of Dhoni. His latest work grabbed the attention of MS Dhoni’s fans globally.

3. Why did Dhoni grow hair?

Earlier, Aalim Hakim revealed that MS Dhoni showed a fan-made image of his lengthy hair. He was extremely fascinated by seeing the image and encouraged MS Dhoni to grow his hair without trimming.

Aalim promised MSD that he would cut and style his hair to sport a stunning look.

4. Will Dhoni play in IPL 2024 with his long hair?

Certainly, Dhoni will play in IPL 2024 with his long hair based on his response in a recent interview. MS Dhoni about his hairstyle promised in an event that he wouldn’t trim it after receiving so much praise from his fans.

5. Is Dhoni retiring from IPL 2024 with his vintage look?

MS Dhoni has his plans and it would be difficult to predict in advance about his retirement in IPL 2024. However, his vintage look raises curiosity among many fans. Also, it refreshes the olden days of watching MS Dhoni back onto the field with his long bushy hair.

MS Dhoni about his hairstyle: Overall Facts

After 16 years, MS Dhoni’s stylish lengthy locks ahead of the IPL 2024 pleases his fans.

Based on the above response, MS Dhoni about his hairstyle confirms to fans by maintaining it for a long time.

Despite retiring from international cricket in 2020, his participation in the Indian Premier League has fueled excitement among fans all over the world.

Recently, the 42-year-old legendary cricketer was seen in the same charming looks at a Christmas celebration party along with his wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni and daughter Ziva Dhoni. Interestingly, Indian left-handed batsman Rishabh Pant accompanied MS Dhoni during the festive moment. Excitingly, fans would soon witness MS Dhoni’s new hairstyle with streaming locks once again in action, wearing the Chennai Super Kings jersey on the cricket field.

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