List of Pakistan Famous Cricket Fans

Pakistan has had tonnes of famous cricket fans for decades, but very few of these super-supporters ever get sustained media attention. However, few Pakistan famous cricket fans have broken the barrier after 1995, becoming superfans with their special fanbases, signature costume, and customized merchandise too.

Let’s look at some of Pakistan ‘s most famous cricket fans, what they do, their contracts, fan bases, and many more details you should know.

1. Abdul ‘Chacha’ Jalil

Chacha is Pakistan’s most famous cricket fan and has supported the Men in Green since at least 1969. The 74-year-old superfan has become popular with his traditional kurta and baseball cap.

Chacha Bio

Full NameChaudhry Abdul Jalil
Date of BirthOctober 8, 1949
Born inSialkot, West Punjab region
Occupation(s)Pakistan cricket mascot, foreman
EmployerPakistan Cricket Board (PCB)
Years activeCricket mascot (1996 to present), Foreman (1973 to 1996)
Height185cm (6ft 1 in.)

Chacha Reacts to an International Honour

Chacha Cricket received a Global Sports Fan award in 2019, becoming Pakistan’s top superfan. He had this to say about the award:

After five decades of cricket frenzy madness, I am overwhelmed to get my first global recognition, this is an emotional moment for me and I would like to thank my family and all well wishers who stood by me.”

Does Chacha Have Any Other Fan Base Outside Pakistan?

Chacha is quite popular in England and many local supporters in the UK recognize his popularity among Pakistan superfans.

What Else Does Chacha Do?

Pakistan was once an assistant foreman before receiving his PCB contract.

Is Chacha Married?

Chacha is married, but there is no information about the number of wives he has.

How Many Children Does Chacha Have?

Chacha has five children according to information on his Wikipedia page.

How Much Does Chacha Get Paid?

There is no word on financials involving Chacha’s contract with the PCB.

What Kind of PCB Contract Does Chacha Have?

Chacha will likely hold a lifetime contract with the PCB seeing that he has been sponsored by Pakistan’s top cricket body since 1996.

2. Momin Saqib

Momin Saqib is a popular superfan for the Pakistan senior cricket team. He usually appears in Pakistan games with a suit jacket and a Pakistan jersey underneath.

Momin Saqib Bio

Full NameMomin Saqib Arain
Date of BirthNovember 3, 1994 (29 years old)
Born inLahore, Punjab
Occupation(s)Television actor, TV host, Movie actor
Years active2020 to present
HeightApproximately 5ft 9 in

Momin Saqib Emotional Reaction to Pakistan’s Loss

Pakistan lost to Australia at the Twenty20 World Cup of 2021, causing Saqib to enter an emotional state. He was seeing sitting in a corner to the background of an emotional Bollywood soundtrack after Pakistan’s loss. He was interviewed after the video went viral, and he had this to say:

I don’t feel like going home now. Pakistan lost the match so naturally I will feel sad. But the boys played really good cricket, they won back-to-back games. I don’t have any hard feelings against the team, they played very good cricket, They are our champions, and we love them. Tonight also we played very well, would have been good if we had won but we still love them.”

Does Momin Saqib Have Any Other Fan Base Outside Pakistan?

Momin Saqib is not as popular as Chacha outside Pakistan, but he has a growing fan base in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and neighbouring countries. His passionate expressions as a superfan for Pakistan has done much to boost his popularity profile in recent years.

What Else Does Momin Saqib Do?

Momin Saqib has a budding acting and TV career, earning a name for himself in Pakistan’s entertainment scene. He began his acting career shortly after rising to fame as a Pakistan superfan, featuring in many popular movies.

Saqib’s acting debut came in 2020 when he featured in Be Adab as Rohali, much to the admiration of TV content lovers in Pakistan. He also featured in another TV release Raqs-e-Bismil from 2020 to 2021 as Essa Qudratullah. Saqib is also on schedule to perform as Hamza in Tubelite, an Express Entertainment Network TV series.

In movies, Saqib made his cinema debut in Dum Mastam, featuring alongside top acts like Amar Khan and Imran Ashraf.

Is Momin Saqib Married?

There is no public report on Momin Saqib’s romantic life or marital status.

How Many Children Does Momin Saqib Have?

Information about children of Momin Saqib are not available.

How Much Does Momin Saqib Get Paid?

Fees gained from acting roles remain undisclosed by Momin Saqib. However, seeing that he has featured in several TV series, telefilms, and full-length cinema movies, he could be worth quite a lot.

What Kind of PCB Contract Does Momin Saqib Have?

Saqib does not have a PCB contract at the moment. PCB contracts to superfans are rare, as it took Chacha over two decades to get the nod from Pakistan’s governing body

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