Most stylish pakistani cricketers girlfriends

Most Pakistani cricketers girlfriends become wives before anything ever gets to the media, so it’s quite hard to list the love interests of these sports stars. However, many Pakistani cricketers wives deliver enough stylish appearances to turn heads wherever they go. These women support their cricketer partners and many have been headliners in gossip blogs for so long.

Let’s see the most stylish Pakistani cricketers girlfriends turned wives, their profession, and other vital details about these beautiful women.

Most Stylish Pakistani Cricketers Girlfriends Turned Wives

CricketerWifeProfessionAdditional Information
Shaheen AfridiAnsha AfridiMedical Science StudentAnsha Afridi Shahid Afridi’s daughter. She studied medical sciences in the United Kingdom right before marrying Shaheen Afridi in 2023.
Haris RaufMuzna Masood MalikModelMuzna Masood Malik is a stylish model by profession and one of the most beautiful women in Pakistan.
Hasan AliShamia ArzooFlight EngineerShamia Arzoo is a certified flight engineer and one of the most stylish Pakistani cricketers girlfriends turned wives. She met Ali while working with an airline before they tied the knot.
Imad WasimSania AshfaqNot KnownNot much info is available about Ashfaq. She married Imad Wasim in 2019 at one of Pakistan’s most iconic mosques in Islamabad.
Mohammad AmirNarjis KhatunNot KnownNot much info is available about Khatun Narjis. She married Mohammad Amir in 2016 the couple now have a daughter from their union.
Shoaib MalikSana JavedActressSana Javed married Shoaib Malik after the latter divorced Sania Mirza in 2023. The couple tied the knot in early 2024, registering their second and third marriages respectively.
Azhar MahmoodEbba QureshiNot KnownEbba Qureshi is a British citizen. She got attracted to Pakistani cricketer Azhar Mahmood during the 1999 ODI Cricket World Cup. They currently have three children and live in a London suburb.
Wasim AkramShaniera ThompsonPublic Relations ConsultantShaniera Thompson is an Australian PR expert. She married Wasim Akram in 2013 and the couple have a daughter from their union.
Mohammad HafeezNazia HafeezNot KnownNot much info is available about Hafeez Nazia. She has been Mohammad Hafeez’s wife since 2007 and the couple now have three kids together.
Umar AkmalNoor AmnaNot KnownNoor Amna married Umar Akmal in 2014. She is one of the most stylish Pakistani cricketers girlfriends turned wives and the daughter of cricket legend Abdul Qadir.
Shahid AfridiNadia AfridiNot KnownNadia Afridi married her maternal cousin Shahid Afridi in 2000, and they have five kids together. She remains one of the most beautiful Pakistani cricketers wives even after over two decades of marriage.

Why Do We Never See the Pakistani Cricketers Girlfriends Before They Turn Wives?

Pakistan has a very strong religious foundation that frowns against romantic relationships before marriage. Countless Pakistani cricketers have married their girlfriends in secret before the news ever got out to the media. Let’s see the major reasons why Pakistani cricketers girlfriends always turn to wives before we get to know:

Family wishes

Roots run deep in Pakistani families, and it makes it difficult for either member of a potential couple to go public with their relationship. Some families usually request both parties to keep any news of their marital union secret until an official wedding date is announced.

Fear of backlash

The fear of terrible consequences drives most popular figures in Pakistan to keep their romantic life secret. Pakistan’s social media could be awash with attacks on a Pakistani celebrity if they dress indecently or show ‘worldly’ appearances in photos.

Honour killings

The spate of family killings in Pakistan and few other Islamic countries is a major reason why public display of affection is not advisable. Many Pakistani girls have been murdered by their male siblings or parent in recent years for having an affair outside marriage. It’s no wonder why Pakistani cricketers try all they can to never show off their girlfriends before tying the knot.

Societal issues

Stigma against people who do not keep their marital life secret can cause spiraling societal effect in Pakistan. Regular people and celebrities in the country try to avoid any public display of romantic affiliation with any woman until marriage to avoid getting ostracized from society.

Multi-dimensional consequences

Pakistan’s religious foothold across all facets of society could bite back hard on Pakistan cricketers if they show off their girlfriends before marriage. The Islamic background of Pakistan almost certainly means anyone found with a girl in compromising circumstances will have to lose several opportunities in their career and other areas.

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