Online betting in Pakistan: The legal framework

Like all the countries of the world, Pakistan has a unique culture. It will often steer the country’s approach to various industries, activities, and beliefs. The dominant religion in Pakistan is Islam. According to the Islamic faith, all type of gambling activities, along with Online betting in Pakistan, is forbidden. So, there are no legal casino venues throughout the country. Pakistan has very strict betting laws. If any individual is caught engaging in gambling activities, have to pay a penalty of 1000 PKR or up to 5 years in prison.

The Gambling Prevention Act 1977 is the legislation that rules the industry in Pakistan. However, it doesn’t address the gambling activities happening online. Remember that the act became effective when there was no internet. Apart from the gambling laws, several people place bets online and offline, with cricket being the most popular sport for betting. 

Legal Status of Online Betting in Pakistan:

Online betting is increasing in Pakistan. However, before online betting, many illegal Mumbai-based bookmakers dominate the underground scene, offering poor odds, engaging in match-fixing, and sometimes failing to honor bets. It is a fact that Online betting in Pakistan is illegal. Another important fact is that online betting not specially mentions in the Penal Code of Pakistan.

There are betting sites available in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan attempts to block several online betting sites, but gamblers still have a huge range of trusted international betting companies online. The UK Gambling Commission and other world-leading authorities highly regulate these betting sites. However, they are not registered in Pakistan, so they don’t follow local laws. In addition to this, they may choose to provide online betting for real money to Pakistani gamblers. Furthermore, these online betting sites have the best cricket odds. 

They also provide Pakistani players and ability to place in-play bets, different deposit bonuses, and regular promotions. In this way, they can make their Pakistani customers happy. Aside from cricket, you can also find online betting on all other major sports, such as football, tennis, squash, and kabaddi. There are also online casinos that offer exciting games like blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Slots. You can also find many online sites that offer great poker action where you can play against players worldwide.

Does Gambling Winnings Tax in Pakistan?

Officially, yes. You must pay the appropriate level of tax on horse racing prize bonds. However, the tax law also covers prizes you win in raffles, game shows, and crossword puzzles. There are crackdowns on companies that give any prizes without deducting taxes. In addition, people also target for failing to file taxes.

Ways to Deposit Online Betting Account in Pakistan:

As online betting is illegal in Pakistan, It is nearly impossible to use local payment methods in Pakistan. Therefore, you can’t use Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfer for Online betting in Pakistan as they block deposits to gambling sites. Most people would not want to draw attention to the fact that they were online betting anyway. Instead, they use secure eWallet services such as Neteller, Skrill, or local equivalents. They all provide very fast and safe deposit and withdrawal services to online betting sites in Pakistan.

One most important thing to keep in mind, it is rare to be able to deposit in PKR at most big European brands. However, some Asian-based online betting sites allow you to use Pakistani currency. For the rest, you would need to use dollars or other international currency to deposit. You can use your eWallet for your international transactions.

Best Online Betting Sites and Promotions in Pakistan:

Recently, Pakistan has taken to blocking gaming sites, and some international operators don’t accept bets from Pakistani online players. Apart from this, there are still plenty of top-rated casinos for Pakistani players. Even better is the number of amazing betting bonuses and incentives constantly being offered? In addition to this, betting in Pakistan is growing day by day. Many online betting sites provide some great starting casino betting bonuses. 

Some online betting sites will add up to 100 euros worth of welcome bonuses to the accounts of their Pakistani customers. You will be an instant winner when you choose online betting sites that add 2-300 EUR in casino betting bonuses to your account. Furthermore, there are also several easy-to-claim bonuses available for online bingo buffs, sports bettors, lottery players, and any other type of gambles. Poker players in Pakistan get $400 from some popular betting sites. 


In Pakistan, all type of betting, including online betting, is illegal. Under the authority of The Prevention of Gambling Act 1977, any individual caught engaging in gambling must pay a fine or go to prison for up to 5 years. Apart from this, online betting in Pakistan is a growing industry. It is because there need to be laws about online betting in Pakistan.

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