Pakistani Cricketers Who Married Indians

Love is a wonderful thing and knows no boundaries. There’s something so strange about how love works, and we mostly can’t choose who we love. Pakistan and India have been at each other’s throats politically and otherwise for decades.

The heightened tensions between both nations has not stopped love from working its magic. People from both countries still fall in love wherever it happens, and in many cases, they get married.

Pakistan and India have one thing in common – their love for cricket. Over the years, many Pakistani cricketers have had love interests in some of India’s most beautiful women. Here’s our short list of some Pakistani cricketers who married Indians. The list isn’t exhaustive but it goes to show that love can happen whenever we make it work. Check out the Pakistani cricketers married Indian list below.

Samiya Arzoo and Hassan Ali

Pakistan all-rounder Hassan Ali married Indian damsel Samiya Arzoo in 2019. The couple met in Dubai and started dating from 2017 before their lavish wedding ceremony and subsequent happy marriage.

Samiya currently works as a flight engineer at Emirates Airlines and is one of India’s most popular personalities from Faridabad. She is a fan of the IPL’s current runs record holder, Virat Kohli. Samiya also enjoys watching cricket, hence her marriage to a professional cricketer doesn’t come as a surprise.

Reena Roy and Mohsin Khan

Pakistani batsman Mohsin Khan was the darling of cricket fans all over the country during his playing days. The experienced swinger dealt fans a massive shock when he got married to Reena Roy, one of Bollywood’s hottest talents for decades. Reena was at the very top of her career but decided to give love and Mohsin a chance in the ‘80s.

The couple got married and Reena toned down her acting career to focus on her love adventure. She even introduced Mohsin to Bollywood and the cricketer featured in few movies. The love story was not to be forever as Reena and Mohsin parted ways in 1990.

Rita Luthra and Zaheer Abbas

Zaheer ‘The Bradman of Asia’ Abbas was a former skipper for Pakistan’s senior cricket men’s team during his competitive years. Abbas was once married to N. Bokhari and has three daughters from that union. However, love wasn’t done with him yet.

Zaheer will later fall in love with Rita Luthra, an Indian, in 1988. The couple’s bond was so strong that Rita will eventually change her name to Samina Abbas. They are still together after several decades and their marriage is an indication that love conquers all in the end.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

Sania Mirza is an Indian tennis ace and is currently married to Shoaib Malik, an experienced cricketer for Pakistan’s senior team. The couple decided to make their union official in 2010 and have become one of the most high-profile Indian-Pakistani relationships in recent years.

The couple have a son from the marriage, Izhaan Mirza Malik. Their career is still flourishing and they currently have multiple properties in different countries to keep up with the luxurious lifestyle such a high-profile marriage demands.

Are Sushmita Sen and Waseem Akram Dating?

Waseem Akram was one of Pakistan’s most-talented players in his heydays. His cricket heroics and calm demeanor would lead many fans to think he would marry a Pakistani. However, Waseem couldn’t do anything when love came calling through Bollywood star Sushmita Sen.

Waseem met Sushmita on the set of Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena few months into 2008. Akram wasn’t free to express his newfound love at that time since he was still married. However, his then wife, Huma passed away in 2009, creating a window for the duo to express their love for each other.

However, reports that Sushmita made a public statement debunking all rumors gained traction pretty fast. There is no marriage going on between the couple right now, but you can never say never when it comes to true love.

Did Sonali Bendre Marry Shoaib Akhtar?

Several rumors recently made the rounds about a love affair between a Pakistani cricketer and an Indian beauty. Many reports suggest that cricketer Shoaib Akhtar and Sonali Bendre are a thing; however, all is not as it seems.

Shoaib has always shown his admiration for Sonali publicly and is ready to take things further. Sonali, on the other hand, is always quick to debunk news of any love affair between the duo. There is no current indication that Shoaib Akhtar will be able to marry Sonali Bendre anytime soon.

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