Ramiz Raja slams Shoaib Akhtar calls him ‘delusional superstar’

There was a time when Pakistan cricket was at the top of the mountain of fame. At that time, the country had produced so many talented cricketers who played for Pakistan for so long with a good impact. Ramiz Raja is also one of those players that the country produced. Recently one of his statements on another former star cricketer provoked the situation.

Shoaib Akhtar- a delusional superstar:

Former PCB chief Ramiz Raja has criticized former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar for his remarks on Pakistan’s star batter Babar Azam. Akhtar took a dig at Babar’s English-speaking ability during a recent interview on a local news channel and asked him to improve his communication skills. Shoaib Akhtar slammed Babar Azam despite being the biggest name in Pakistan cricket. He believes he could not be able to become famous like Shahid Afridi and Wasim Akram due to his communication skills. However, Ramiz Raja defended Babar and called Akhtar a “delusional superstar”–and said it is important to be human first and then eventually become a brand.

Speaking on BOL Network, Raja stated, “Shoaib Akhtar is a delusional superstar. He also had an issue recently with Kamran Akmal. He wants everyone to become a brand, but it is more important to become a human first. First, become a human and then a brand. You will never see that happening in our neighbouring country. You will never see Sunil Gavaskar criticizing Rahul Dravid. It only happens in Pakistan, where former players need to let others do their job professionally. “

Ramiz Raja also said that it would not happen in any country where former players criticize their players. The former Pakistan pace bowler received a lot of criticism for his comments about Babar Azam and former Pakistan wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal. He also expressed his desire to be chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board and help the country to produce superstars in world cricket.

Ramiz Raja took a dig at Akhtar for aspirations to become the chairman of PCB; he said that Akhtar needs a degree to be eligible for the posting, “He needs to get a graduate degree first to become eligible for the chairmanship of PCB,”.

Akhtar, who is vocal about expressing his thoughts about Cricket, wanted to bring some changes in Pakistan’s cricket setup and serve Pakistan Cricket to produce world-class players.

Finishing of Akhtar’s cricketing career:

Shoaib Akhtar has played for Pakistan for 14 years and has been one of the best bowlers in the world. The 47-year-old played his last game for Pakistan during the 2011 ODI World Cup, where Pakistan lost to India in the semi-finals. Akhtar played for Pakistan in 46 Tests and 163 ODIs in a career largely marred by injuries. Akhtar represented Pakistan in 46 Tests, 163 ODIs and 15 T20Is, claiming 178, 247 and 19 wickets, respectively. After his retirement in 2011, Akhtar became a cricket expert, sharing his views on YouTube channel and other media outlets. He often becomes the talk of the town with his outspoken statements.


Dirty politics is going on in Pakistan. People revised the chair because the government failed to maintain peace and protection in the country. However, the impact of corruption is visible everywhere in Pakistan. The cricket board is not even on the list. A few months ago, Ramiz Raja was criticized for his contribution to corruption and unexpected behaviours. Raja got fired from his chair as PCB chairman in December last year. There is an atmosphere of criticizing one another for their failures.

Ramiz Raja did not support Shoaib Akhtar’s statements about Babar Azam. On the other hand, when Shoaib expressed his will to sit on the same chair from where Raja got kicked off, it might be another reason to oppose one another. If we see, Shoaib Akhtar said the basic problem that might hold Babar Azam back from achieving more fame that is his weak communicational skill; sometimes controversies at like plus points might help Babar to be more efficient on his weak points. But Ramiz Raja took it in another way, and that is why he criticized Shoaib.


It seemed a basic disbalance in understanding between the two legendary Pakistani former cricketers. Probably Ramiz Raja misjudged Shoaib Akhtar and misinterpreted the lines. Both of them should work together for the goodwill of their national cricket team. Keeping distance from such unhealthy controversies and dirty politics, all of them should be involved in reviving their unpolished glory. As experienced cricketers, they are expected to search out fresh talents who will lead the country in future.

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