Reasons Why Virat Kohli is so Famous?

Virat Kohli has been a popular figure in the cricket world for over a decade. The cricketer’s popularity continues to soar years after he officially hit 250 million followers on Instagram. Several factors contribute to the cricketer’s rising popularity as a cricketer and celebrity ambassador. Let’s explore the reasons why Virat Kohli is so famous and why his profile will continue increasing.

On-Field Gameplay

No Indian cricketer currently has more runs scored than Virat Kohli. He smashed multiple records to achieve this feat way faster than other players before him. Kohli surpassed records set by Indian great Sachin Tendulkar to cement his status among talented cricketers. He is a lethal batsman on the field and does whatever he can to help his team snatch maximum available points.

Cross-Format Prowess

Few cricketers can get to the level of Virat Kohli when you need a versatile player across formats. The player has been a major part of several squads across formats since the late 2000s. Kohli continues to play in Test, T20, T20I, and ODI formats.

Advanced Media Training

Virat Kohli struggled early in his career to achieve fluent public speaking, admitting the challenge in public at one point. However, Virat’s development as a stellar media figure has been nothing short of spectacular in recent times. He has become one of the most professional voices in front of a microphone and continues to garner respect among fans through media.

Huge Local Fanbase

Over a billion people in India gives Virat Kohli the perfect platform to hit cricket fame with ease. The skilled player comes from one of the sport’s major fanbases, as Indians love cricket at international and franchise level.

Captaincy Success

Virat Kohli no longer holds any captaincy position, opting to drop all duties as a skipper since 2022. However, many fans express their desire to see the cricketer return to fill captaincy of at least one format before his retirement. Kohli’s on-field leadership and masterful game-reading abilities continues to spur a nostalgic effect in many fans.

Huge Sponsorship Deals

Virat Kohli’s popularity comes with a bonus – tons of sponsorship deals. The former Team India skipper continues to attract bumper endorsement deals from top brands worldwide.

These endorsements add to the financial profile and boosts his popularity across audiences in India and overseas. Many of his brand endorsements have been running for years, giving the cricketer sustained support to manage more commitments with ease.

Why Will Virat Kohli’s Popularity Continue Growing?


Virat’s longevity as a cricket player is only outclassed by players like MS Dhoni and Ambati Rayudu. Virat Kohli is in his 30s and has already featured in tons of games as an international and franchise cricketer.

He played alongside top talents like MS Dhoni and co when they were still in the international fold. Kohli continues to go on strong years after these veterans earned their last international cap. The cricketer also shows his long-running performances are no fluke with top outings in T20 tournaments.

Kohli is a major player in India’s T20 squad and holds down a starting spot at the IPL’s Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) franchise. Fans hope his longevity continues to reap massive rewards as he continues to feature in every competitive game.

High resistance to injuries

Sports stars largely get forgotten when they must deal with serious injury problems. Some cricketers like Bhuvneshwar Kumar have found it challenging to return to fame after dealing with serious injury trouble.

Kohli manages to keep away from long injury spells while performing at the top level. He’s always in fans’ faces, and they can’t seem to get enough of him just yet.

Fan love

The love fans have for Virat Kohli is unrivalled; he continues to earn massive respect among cricket supporters bases worldwide. Solid fan love for India’s cricket star boy will skyrocket his fame for years to come.

Continuous national team participation

Kohli continues to take part in national team fixtures years after dropping his captaincy role across formats. The versatile cricketer was at every recent, major international competition for Team India in recent years. He took part in the ICC ODI WC 2023 team, helping India secure a final appearance. Kohli is on the shortlist to play for India at the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024.


Virat Kohli is married to Anushka Sharma, one of India’s most-popular actresses in the modern era. Anushka’s growing popularity as an actress will positively affect the fame potential of her husband. Both celebrities are business partners too and recently purchased a massive farmhouse to increase their portfolio.

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