Sarfaraz Ahmed proved his selection right: Shahid Afridi

Cricket is the backbone of every country. The player runs the game on the ground. One of the legendary Pakistani cricketers is Sarfaraz Ahmed. A player born in the city of Karachi. The role of the player in the match is the wicketkeeper. The wicketkeeper will stand at the batter’s side after Azhar Ali’s retirement. The player was declare the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. The player is in include in the squad since 2010.

He wants to become a top player. Similarly, his father is not happy with his player profession their dream of the father the son is to be a cooperative officer and teacher.

The player also runs in the field of cricket as the middle batsman. He was also declare the best batsman of the 15 sides of Pakistan cricket. Sarfaraz Ahmed also gets the reward of the best finisher from the old wicketkeeper. The name of the previous wicketkeeper is known as Moin khan.

Proved His Selection is Right:

Yes, the player will prove the selection by winning the series. The player wins the New Zealand series. Similarly, he also gets an appreciation reward from the new interim chief. The interim chief of the present time is Shahid Afridi. In addition, the player Sarfaraz Ahmed wants to prove himself as a player. He want to prove their ability, especially to the new interim. Somehow the new interim thinks the selection of Sarfaraz could be a better decision for the board.

Performance against New Zealand:

The player gives an excellent performance during the play. He plays two matches in the green shirt with New Zealand. It is the test series of the time. The series is held in the national stadium of Pakistan. The player Sarfaraz Ahmed gives an excellent performance in the match. Even he play a good innings with a huge amount of pressure. The world gets amazing news with the former skipper’s tweet about Pakistan.

The Decision before the Match:

It is one of the hard tasks to decide for the player. The cricket board team will need clarification to determine their decision’s result. At that time, Afridi is part of the PCB team. It means he will include in the appointment management committee. The interim section is also held in the last year of that time. After the Sarfaraz Ahmed decision, the great position people took their hand backward they left their position. One of the people is the former all-rounder. He excuses the board from providing their permanent role.

New Member:

The single decision start is breaking the team. On the other side, the cricket board is also starting to include the new member. One of the purposes is to build up the board team again. To fulfill this purpose, the new member will include. The member is known as the Abdul Razzaq and the Rao Iftikhar Anjum.

Similarly, Haroon Rasheed will also become a member of the team. He will declare as the convener. At the first test match, the player Sarfaraz Ahmed made 86 runs. The match was held in the year 2019. While the replacement from the post of the wicketkeeper. The Rizwan does the duty of the wicketkeeper.

Wicketkeeper Role:

The wicketkeeper is the key power of cricket. The responsibility of the wicketkeeper is to out the batter at the right. There right decision at the right time will develop their winning power. At that time the wicketkeeper enjoys the partnership with the Baber. The player can hold the 196-run partnership. The Mitchell held the first slip shortly. It will only be possible before they dismiss the Patel.

The player amazingly plays their role. They also prove their post in the field. After the play, they will also declare as the best player. The team also supports them during the play. The player listens to their leader. Somehow also accept them as the great reader after the play. The player Sarfaraz Ahmed also appreciate their teamwork after winning the match. After the match in the winning interview. They give the winning credit to the team. The credit will give due to the great support of the player. He said with the team’s support, and I never won the match.


The match depends on the team. The single-player disagrees mode is enough to destroy the team’s winning power. It is the responsibility of the leader to convince every player. It is only possible when the player sees their support for them. The support of the leader will easily change the mindset of the player. So that time, the player Sarfaraz Ahmed ran as the great leader. It is one of the tough times. He also has to prove himself in front of the new interim. 

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