Shubman Gill reveals “Are you dating Sara Tendulkar”

Shubman Gill has been in the news as a talented Indian cricketer, but his love life is mostly kept under wraps. Fans continue to suggest that the talismanic batter is in a relationship with Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter, Sara. However, there has never been concrete evidence online to support these claims. Rumours continue to take centre stage in the proposed Gill and Sara love nest.

What Did Shubman Gill Say About Dating Sara Tendulkar?

Shubman has always admired Sara Tendulkar; however, he has not come out public with his relationship status officially. The cricketer believes Sara is a beautiful lady but always stops short of confirming any romantical involvement with her.

Strong rumours continue linking him to Sara, but there’s nothing solid for fans to hold onto for now.

What Did Sara Tendulkar Do to Trigger New Dating Rumours?

Sara Tendulkar attended a recent ICC cricket game involving India and Bangladesh. She cheered Shubman Gill from the stands and fans focused on her vocal support for the talented batsman. Many fans suggested that her admiration for the cricketer’s talented indicated her relationship interest in him. However, this has never been confirmed by Sara or Shubman.

What Did Chirag Suri Say About Sara – Shubman Dating Rumours?

Diehard cricket fans and lovers of celebrity gossip have always wanted details about the relationship status of Sara and Shubman. A revelation from Chirag Suri, a friend and follower of Shubman on Instagram, caused mass gossip among fans. Suri claimed that Sara and Shubman will be married soon, causing many fans to believe their dating gossip has always been true.

How Have Fans Reacted to a Rumoured Marriage of Sara to Shubman?

A cricket fan shared a post on X (formerly Twitter), claiming that Suri had no right to make such claims online:

I mean he shouldn’t have said it on an international platform if they wanted everyone to know they would have announced that by themselves no?

Another user believes the couple already have something going on based on how Sara cheered Shubman at the ICC ODI World Cup 2023:

Saw Sara hooting for Shubman when he scored his half-century against Bangladesh in this World Cup, it’s still available on the Hotstar app just watch the highlights of the Ind Vs Ban match.

Other fans expressed shock at Chirag’s comment on social media, lampooning the UAE cricketer for his opinion on someone else’s alleged relationship:

I love them, even almost everyone knows about their rln (relationship) too. But it was not right from Chirag’ s side to say things like (this) without their permission

Another fan also echoed the same opinion about Chirag, claiming the cricketer should have allowed either Shubman or Sara confirm the dating rumours on their official pages:

Since Shubhan follows him (Chirag) on Insta we can …. But man I want Shubman or Sara to confirm it not others, the day Gill or Sara confirm their relationship I bet social media is gonna go bonkers… hopefully soon

Fans are obviously delighted with dating rumours progressing to potential marriage gossip between both celebrities. However, Shubman and Sara have never confirmed these rumours at any time. A lot of fans were also not happy with Chirag Suri’s comments after he claimed both stars will tie the knot soon.

How Did Shubman Gill React to Chirag Suri’s Comments?

Chirag Suri’s Instagram video was obviously not well-received by Shubman Gill. The Indian cricketer unfollowed Suri shortly after the video went viral. Fans pointed out to this action from Shubman, indicating that the rumours may not be true.

Did Sachin Tendulkar Say Anything About the Shubman-Sara Dating Rumours?

Cricket maestro and ex-Team India skipper Sachin has remained quiet about rumours of his daughter’s alleged relationship with Shubman. The cricketer focuses on his business dealings, sports commentary, and other engagements. However, fans believe Sachin will have a thorough inside scoop if anything is going on between Shubman and Sara.

Sachin always maintains a calm approach to gossip on social media platforms. He will not be inclined to share details about his daughter’s relationship online, even if the rumours were true.

Is Shubman Gill Dating Sara Ali Khan?

Unfounded rumours filtered through social media when Shubman Gill made some public appearances with fellow celebrity Sara Ali Khan. However, there are now concrete reasons to believe the two do not have anything going on in secret.

Sara Ali Khan was asked in a recent interview if she had something with the star cricketer. She publicly denied it, putting an end to speculations.

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