Sikandar Raza: The Pakistan-born cricketer who rules Zimbabwean fans

Sikandar Raza has become a favourite among Zimbabwe cricket fans, rising to hold leadership positions in the national team. The Pakistan-born cricketer continues to win hearts over and looks set to become one of the country’s most-liked cricketers in history.

‘Monya’ Becomes ‘Raza’ for Sikandar

Sikandar Raza has become a darling in the eyes of countless Zimbabwe fans in recent years. The skilled cricketer has gone on from an obscure early career to become one of Zimbabwe’s most-popular batters.

Fans of the Zimbabwe national team composed ‘Monya’, a well-known chant composed for an ex-captain of a top football club in the country. Monya is the nickname of a former Dynamo FC’s skipper called Murape Murape. However, cricket fans have transformed the song into an anthem for their most-prized export.

Cricket fans in Zimbabwe now replace Monya with Raza whenever the special song sounds through the country’s popular sports grounds. It will always send a nostalgic feel down your spine when you hear the thundering ‘Raza’ across cricket grounds in Bulawayo or Harare.

The song lyrics aim to portray Raza as a wonderful hero that delivers as much delight as the best local coffee brand mixed with tasty powdered milk.

How Does Raza Feel about His Time in Zimbabwe?

Sikandar has grown to become one of Zimbabwe’s most-loved cricketers after an impressive string of performances. He was once a shy cricketer but has now gone on to embrace his new role as one of Africa’s best swingers. Raza has been linked with the African nation for at least 2 decades and is now a T20I captain.

How Has Raza Developed as a Zimbabwe Cricketer?

Sean Williams has so much to say about Raza’s development as a Zimbabwean cricketer:

He has turned into one hell of a player. Watching him when he first came on, he was exciting to watch, he was fearless and that’s what the game is all about.”

Williams believes the player has shown an immense level of faith throughout his career development, becoming one of the very best cricketers to ever put on a Zimbabwe shirt:

What has helped him [while playing] international and franchise cricket around the world is his faith. He keeps his faith above everything. There are a lot of things that people don’t see about Raza. Things he does – cancer foundations, orphanages, all those things that are unseen. He gives up his free time for that.”

Raza Warms Hearts with Charity Efforts

Sikandar has advanced from his impressive performances on the pitch to become one of Zimbabwe’s top sports humanitarians of all time. The skilled cricketer spares no effort to provide relief to those in need as revealed by commentator Sean Williams:

When he comes home to see his family, he will only be home for two-three days. He goes to see these kids that are sick, kids that have nothing, and he gives them something. He spends his time with them. For me, that is priceless, it speaks volumes about him as a human being.”

However, Raza confesses that it’s been a tough encounter to maintain humanitarian efforts, but he isn’t backing down just yet:

It is tough on the body at times. People do think it’s a pampered lifestyle. It is pampered. We are blessed. The hotels are nice, the food is nice, the quality of the cricket is nice. The perks that come with playing franchise cricket are nice. It looks like a glamorous life, but trust me it is not as glamorous as it looks from outside.”

Sikandar Raza Career Stats

Sikandar Raza Batting and Fielding Stats

List A245231737114136.6787.011336

(Stats are accurate as of March 12, 2024)

Sikandar Raza Bowling Stats

List A245183622017136.374.8730

(Stats are accurate as of March 12, 2024)

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