Sikander Bakht about Rohit Sharma: Pakistan alleges India FoulPlay

Allegations from the Pakistani cricket analyst as well as former cricketer Sikander Bakht about Rohit Sharma and his coin-tossing techniques during the ICC World Cup 2023 claim to be foul play.

The coin-tossing procedure was simple, it is…, and it will remain the same. But it doesn’t seem to convince Sikander Bakht about Rohit Sharma tossing the coin. While audiences from different countries were showering appreciation over India’s winning record in this World Cup 2023, different allegations have been simultaneously raising one after the other

Pakistan’s illogical theory about India changing its Pitch

Previously before the tossing allegation, it was the pitch-changing theory that caught debate on the internet. It all started with a Facebook post from a Pakistani cricket fan with the username Farhan Blouch. His pitch-change theory will keep us hooked to laughter at how silly someone could be, and the comments as well were trolling this theory saying it is worthy humor to make you roll on the floor and laugh (ROFL).

He claimed that something was wrong with the pitch. The pitch seemed perfect when India was batting but later during India’s bowling, the same pitch became damp and worse for the batting opponent of India. He further adds to it by saying how a team like South Africa having an extremely good batting line all of a sudden becomes worse and struggles to even cross 100 runs and this proves there is something wrong.

Indians respond to Pakistanis with Wit & Humor

But the Indian netizens decided not to be quiet. They flooded the comment section with extremely funny and trolling comments as it was such an illogical theory that was posted by a random Pakistani cricket fan. Also, a few Instagram and Facebook Troll/Meme pages showed their creativity in making troll videos and meme posts in their way of wit & humor.

The following screenshot shows a few comments out of many, that lashed the Pitch-Change theory:

Pakistan alleges ICC and BCCI helping India do Foul Play

Many praises showered on the fast pace bowlers TRIO – Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, and Mohammed Siraj. The spellbound efforts they put into each match are impeccable and deserve applause. On the other side, allegations kept erupting from Pakistani former cricketer Hasan Raza. He points out that India changed Ball after 20 overs. Also, he claims that the ICC and BCCI are delivering special balls to India and there is a foul-play going on.

Former Pakistani cricketer Hasan Raza throws controversial statement about India changing Balls

The spellbound bowling of this TRIO (Shami, Bumrah, and Siraj) deserves appreciation and applause. Rather allegations kept erupting about the Ball change. This is like the illogical  Pitch-Change theory that dwelled on the internet for a while. It is nothing new for the Pakistani former cricketer Hasan Raza’s attendance for controversies. He strongly points out that ICC and BCCI were helping India. They deliver special double-layered balls making it a clear foul play.

Hasan Raza demands inspection be conducted on the ball. The scenario seemed suspicious to him and it is unfortunate to see a former cricketer blabbering on such topics rather than getting himself an acceptance of the fact that Indian bowlers have performed very well.

Sikander Bakht about Rohit Sharma tossing a coin in deliberate foul play

Now in recent times, another similar allegation was raised by Pakistani former cricketer Sikander Bakht about Rohit Sharma. He says that Rohit Sharma throws the coin so far while tossing that the other captain cannot see. Whereas other captains don’t do it.

In fact, the statement was very baseless that Rohit Sharma deliberately did that. A former senior cricketer of Pakistan should have known that the toss result is not seen by either of the team captains. The captains don’t go, see, and claim the result whether it was heads or tails.

3 Scenarios of Allegations: Why does Pakistan feel offended over India’s success?

From the above 3 scenarios it might seem the common point among these are the Allegations but no! The common point is Pakistanis making those allegations. Why do Pakistanis get so offended by India’s success? People from other countries across the globe have been showering praises on India’s stellar performances.

If really such theories existed such as Pitch-Change, Ball-Change, Double layered Ball, Foulplay Coin-Tossing, etc. Then, even players like Kane Williamson and Daryn Mitchell wouldn’t have got space to shine. Former and Senior cricketers as well as being a  Cricket Analyst how could have they missed this basic point?

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Another Pakistani former Cricketer’s Clarification becomes Conclusion to the Controversies

Recently in a Pakistani sports program, the former cricketer Wasim Akram slammed the controversies spreading from their country, by expressing how annoyed and embarrassed he feels about the conspiracy. He clears out by asking how could someone decide where the coin would land while tossing and how is that even possible.

Following the statement from Wasim Akram, another former Pakistani cricketer Moin Khan slams controversies. He says that Sikander Bakht has mistaken something and just creating a fuss. Also adds that each and every captain has got their own way of tossing.

Though there were many allegations and conspiracies from Pakistanis, Indians are now happy that at least there are a few Gem-Like gentlemen from Pakistan whose clarification becomes the conclusion to the controversies.

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