The Best Online Card Games in Pakistan 2022

Card games are an integral part of gathering in Pakistan. People love to play cards whenever they gather together. It has become a tremendous piece of any social occasion in Pakistan. From application to playing face to face, card games have been around in the country for a superior piece of time. Below is the list of top online card games available in Pakistan.


Aim of the game: To get blackjack or defeat the dealer’s count.

Players required: 2-7

Blackjack is one of the most popular and fun-filled casino games. The game is fun, but not as easy as other casino games. In blackjack, we need to compete with the dealer’s hand. It needs skill and at least some level of strategy. However, there are some simple and advanced tricks that can further reduce the house edge and improve your chances of winning.


Aim of the game: Beat all the other players by getting rid of the cards as soon as possible.

Players required: 3-10

As the name says bluff this game is all about guessing. Bluff game is also popularly known as BS, cheat, etc. It really helps the players to build their guessing skills high.

In this game, the player puts a card or more face down and reveals the rank. The player is either bluffing or telling the truth. If the other player believes that the next person is bluffing, they can call out by saying “open”. Moreover, if the player who bluffed is caught by the other player. The player has to end the current game by discarding their cards to the pile and vice versa.


Aim of the game: To hold the highest card among all the players.

Players required: 4, Team: 2

Bridge game is popularly known all over the world. Many books are composed in the name of this game. Moreover, people have discovered various versions of this game. Out of which few are names as Bridge whist, Auction Bridge, and Contact Bridge.

The game is played using one deck in which 13 cards each are distributed among the players. The winner is declared as the one who holds the highest card throughout the game.


Aim of the game: To hold as many 10 highest cards as possible.

Players required: 2 Team: 2

The game name is derived from the Gujarati word. Mendikot is popular in the western part of India. The game resembles the most popular card game called “Dehla Pakad”.To play mendikot the players need to be divided into two teams. A deck of 52 cards is required to play. The dealers of the game are decided on the basis of the card value. To be the winner of the game the player has to win seven or more tricks.


Aim of the game: To seize the pot.

Players required: 2-7 players

There are different types of poker games. The main types are Draw poker and Stud poker. In draw poker, the dealer deals the card by facing all the cards down to the players. However, in stud poker, the dealers deal with some of the cards face up to the players. The other players get to see some part of the player’s hand. This helps the player to bet accordingly. Poker is played in several rounds, the middle pot holds all the bet.


Aim of the game: To upgrade the initially dealt card and make it into two or three combinations.

Players required: 2-6

Rummy is a traditional card game. A standard 52 cards deck is required to play this game. The game is available online also. Rummy game has become one of the most played online card games, once it was available online. The game is very easy to learn. It increases your thinking skills.

To be the winner in the game you need to have maximum points at the end of the game.

Satte Pe Satta

Aim of the game: To block the opponent player’s chance so that they show their card.

Players required: 3-8

Satte pe Satta is also popularly known as Sevens, Fan Tans, Dominoes, and Parliament. A standard 52 cards deck is required to play the game.  The players can arrange the card either in suits or in numerical order. Players must arrange the card in sequence and get rid of the card, throughout the game. If any players are incapable of doing they have to say “pass” but still the game goes on.

Teen Patti

Aim of the game: To hold the best three cards in hand. Increase the pot before the showdown.

Players required: 3-6

Teen patti can be played in two ways. The first way is with 52 card deck. The other way is to add two jokers as the wild card in the 52-card deck. It has a close resemblance with the games poker and rummy. Teen Patti has a big fan following as it is mostly seen playing in Bollywood movies. The players in this game are dealt with three cards each. They have two options while playing. One is to see the card and bet the other option is to play blind without seeing the card. The winner is considered the one who has the strongest or the best card at the end.

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