The Neeraj Chopra Story – The Man Who Made History

Neeraj Chopra is undoubtedly one of India’s top athletes in its modern sporting era. He has become a household name right after reaching impressive milestones in world sport. His story is an inspiration to many young sportsmen in India as he continues to shine on the international stage.

Let’s explore several aspects of Chopra’s illustrious career and how he has become a darling to countless sports lovers worldwide.

How Did Neeraj Chopra Become India’s Top Athlete?

Chopra began his journey to the zenith of India’s athletics through a drive to lose weight. The javelin champion once grappled with baby fat for much of his early life. His decision to engage in physical activity spurred him to become one of India’s top javelin athletes in recent years.

Fans have always wanted to hear more on Neeraj’s story, and they now have a chance to relive the athlete’s challenging years. A new book detailing Chopra’s journey to unreal athleticism is currently selling fast in stores.

What is the Name of Neeraj Chopra’s Book?

Norris Pritam detailed the astronomic rise of Neeraj Chopra in his new book. The book titled “Neeraj Chopra: The Man Who Made History” continues to sell fast across local and international bookstores. Chopra’s sporting achievements and accounts of his early life are documented throughout this title.

What Makes Norris Pritam’s Book Special?

Documents struggles of promising athletes before Chopra

Pritam’s book adopts several angles to describe Chopra’s remarkable sporting feats while highlighting challenges athletes face in India. The book identifies several promising athletes that could have brought India gold medals in their categories before Chopra. It defines the struggles of shining stars like Suresh Babu and TC Yohannan before Chopra.

Provides firsthand interviews from several important figures during Chopra’s development

The author’s writing about India’s early lacklustre approach to supporting athletics pits Chopra’s ascent with a striking narrative. His book progresses to highlight Chopra’s humble beginnings as an overweight kid in Khandra, Haryana. Interviews with Neeraj’s family members and everyone with insight about his development gives authenticity to this title.

Highlights the role of sports promotion companies in Indian athlete development

The book mentions JSW Sports and its role in Neeraj’s development as a professional athlete. Such recognition pinpoints the essential functions sports development can play in careers of top performers in professional athletics.

Why is Neeraj Chopra India’s Top Athlete Right Now?

Neeraj Chopra made history at the Olympic Games by securing India’s first gold medal in athletics. The athlete achieved this remarkable milestone at the delayed Tokyo Olympic Games on 7th August, 2021.

His meteoric rise from an obscure teen to one of India’s top athletes in recent years is no small feat. Many young athletes and numerous fans take inspiration from Chopra’s ascension to the pinnacle of India’s sporting scene.

Neeraj Chopra Annual Seasonal Best (2013 – 2023)

Chopra has been consistent in his growing athletic performances since the early 2010s. The skilled javelin thrower secured his current personal best (89.9 meters) in Stockholm, Sweden. Neeraj managed this impressive feat in 2022, one year after securing India’s first-ever Olympic gold medal in athletics.

July 26, 201369.6 metres  Patiala, India
August 17, 201470.1 meters
December 31, 201581 meters
July 23, 201686.4 metresBydgoszcz, Poland
June 2, 201785.6 metresPatiala, India
August 27, 201888 metresJakarta, Indonesia
January 28, 202087.8 metersSouth Africa
March 5, 202188 metresPatiala, India
June 30, 202289.9 metresStockholm, Sweden
October 4, 202388.8 metresHangzhou, China

How Has Neeraj Chopra Performed for India?

Representing India
2013World U18 Championships19th (q)Javelin throw (700 g)66.75mDonetsk, Ukraine
2015Asian Championships9thJavelin throw70.50mWuhan, China
2016South Asian Games1st place, gold medalistJavelin throw82.23mGuwahati, India
Asian U20 Championships2nd place, silver medalistJavelin throw77.60mHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
World U20 Championships1st place, gold medalistJavelin throw86.48m  (WU20R)Bydgoszcz, Poland
2017Asian Championships1st place, gold medalistJavelin throw85.23mBhubaneswar, India
World Championships15th (q)Javelin throw82.26mLondon, United Kingdom
2018Commonwealth Games1st place, gold medalistJavelin throw86.47mGold Coast, Australia
Asian Games1st place, gold medalistJavelin throw88.06m  (NR)Jakarta, Indonesia
2021Olympic Games1st place, gold medalistJavelin throw87.58mTokyo, Japan
2022World Championships2nd place, silver medalistJavelin throw88.13mEugene, OR, United States
2023World Championships1st place, gold medalistJavelin throw88.17mBudapest, Hungary
Asian Games1st place, gold medalistJavelin throw88.88mHangzhou, China

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