Top 10 Handsome Cricketers Of Pakistan

Cricket is one of the most fun and widespread sports in the world. In Pakistan, people expose their love towards cricketers for their remarkable performances. With this, some cricketers have different personality that attracts young cricket fans.

In the Pakistan cricket team, many handsome, good-looking cricketers are not only excellent in hard work and dedication towards the game but also won the hearts of many fans. Here is a list of the Top 10 Handsome Cricketers of Pakistan. They won the hearts of people with their attractive personalities.

Most Handsome Cricketers of the Pakistan Cricket Team

1. Imran Khan

Besides being a great all-rounder, Imran Khan is one of the most handsome, charming players ever. Pakistan won the 1992 World Cup under his leadership. Not only does it look attractive on the field, but also off the field. He is so as well, and that’s why he is at the top of the list. This all-rounder turned into a fashion icon and joined politics. He may be a good or bad politician, but he is the most handsome Pakistani cricketer.

2. Wasim Akram

Akram is a great left-arm fast bowler. Wasim is widely known as one of the greatest fast bowlers. Several cricket experts called him the greatest left-arm fast bowler in cricket history. He has gained so much international fame due to his style. He has a charming nature which attracts most of the fans towards him.

3. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi the Greatest Pakistan All-rounder of all time. Fans call him “Boom Boom Afridi” and “Lala.” Apart from hitting the most challenging shots and bowling the fastest deliveries, His professional life gave him so much fame. Still, with this, his personality and charm earned many fans. Afridi becomes a youth icon for youngsters.

Young ones always want to be as popular as Afridi. Also, they want to hit sixes as Afridi does. Undoubtedly, Afridi is the most handsome Players and an Inspiration for youngsters.

4. Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik played in all the positions from opening to the last man. He is the best batsman and a power hitter, but his looks make his fans crazy. He is a famous person not only in Pakistan but also in India.

5. Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan, a stylish cricketer who was a part of the Pakistan Cricket Team in 1977s. Later, these stylish players turned into Bollywood stars. Mohsin Khan has been seen in some Bollywood movies and Pakistani movies. His attractive aura and personality earned him popularity in the movie industry.

6. Misbah ul Haq

Misbah-Ul–Haq is a former Pakistani Player who leads the team through his Captaincy, Coaching. He was the head selector of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Fans like his calmness on the field. He is famous for his cool and calm style. He has a charming personality that attracts his fans.

7. Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar, the legendary fastest bowler, is known as Rawalpindi Express. He was born in Rawalpindi in 1975. Akhtar has been called “Rawalpindi Express” as a tribute to his hometown and fast bowling. He has the record for the quickest bowl of 161.3 km/h.

Akhtar is an inspiration for the budding cricketers and youths who want to bowl as fast as Shoaib. Lots of kids admire him for his games and fitness.

8. Ahmed Shehzad

Ahmed Shehzad is a new-generation cricketer who is known for his aggressive batting. His glamorous looks and charm make his female fans crazy, and he is a fashion icon for men. He is undoubtedly the Handsome Pakistani cricketer after Shahid Afridi.

9. Younis Khan

Younis Khan is a Pakistani professional cricket coach, former cricketer, and captain of the Pakistan national cricket team in all three formats known as a brilliant middle-order batsman in Test cricket. No other batsman has scored more runs than him for Pakistan in Tests. His batting style made him unique, but his personality and calmness made him popular among youths.

10. Fazal Mahmood

Fazal Mahmood, the first Pakistani cricketer to take 100 wickets. He has got so much love from many of his crazy fans with his charming personality. But unfortunately, Mahmood is no more with us, but his aura has occupied the hearts of many cricket fans.

Final Words

Different generations of people in Pakistan witnessed many brilliant or handsome cricketers. These players impress the fans with their exceptional performance in the game and their dashing personality and charm attracting the fans, predominantly female fans. With this, Youngsters admire them and want to be as popular as these Handsome Cricketers of Pakistan.

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