Top Most successful captains in Pakistan cricket history

Pakistan has seen a lot of transitions in its cricket team. But, decade by decade, they have produced gems. When people say there is no team without a leader, Pakistan Captains proved it. Pakistan cricket team was reckoned for the bowlers they hold.

So if you see Pakistan captains, you will get to know why most Pakistan captains were bowlers rather than batters. A mighty leader always ruled Pakistan cricket. From Waqar Younis to Imran Khan, the Pakistan team had found many gems, which led to cricket and their fans’ hearts.

But the question arises, who were some of the top most successful captains in Pakistan cricket history? Who are those cricketers who took their name in Pakistan cricket history as the most powerful ones?

That’s why we did some research and presented the top most successful captains in Pakistan cricket history.

Imran Khan

So Pakistan asked Imran khan to return, and he led the team in 1992 when he retired. He came and became their Captain and gave Pakistan a World cup.

He is one of the most successful ODI captains of Pakistan. Out of 139 total ODI matches, he won 75 games. He accomplished his name in Pakistan’s cricket history with 3807 total runs and 362 test wickets.

Imran Khan became the Captain of the Pakistan cricket team in 1982 and retired in 1992 by giving Pakistan a world cup.

Wasim Commentator

There was no doubt that Wasmi Commentator, aka Sultan Of swing (Name given by his fans), was also the successful Captain in Pakistan cricket history. He was renowned for being the greatest bowler of all time and was the most successful Captain in test cricket in Pakistan.

Many fans know Wasim as a coach, cricket commentator, and former player. Pakistan history knows him as one of the best bowlers and captains. He has ruled the Pakistan cricket team for seven years and holds the record for most wickets. He played 109 ODI matches.

Under his captaincy, Pakistan cricket saw new heights. But like every other cricketer, Waim also retired from cricket in 2003.


When it comes to the Transition in Pakistan’s history, Misbah-UL Haq changed the coin of Pakistan cricket. Under his captaincy, Pakistan became habitual of winning every other game. Moreover, he was the most excellent and calmest captain in Pakistan’s history.

Before him, Pakistan didn’t have a history of winning game after game. It was he who changed the destiny of Pakistan cricket history. Misbah-Ul- Haq is now the Pakistan national team’s chief selector and head coach. Of 87 ODI matches, Misbah Ul Haq won 45 matches. Unfortunately, everyone had time to go, and he retired from the Pakistan cricket team on 14 May 2017 after giving too many victories to the Pakistan cricket team.


Pakistan is often known to have the best bowlers in the world because people usually tend to forget Batsmen like Inzamam-Ul-Haq. When it comes to the batsmanship of Inzamam-ul-Haq, it was common for people to assume the victory of Pakistan cricket. However, with his undeniably reliable batting, he won the heart of his fans and then won the Pakistan cricket team in 2003.

He embarked on Pakistan’s history by scoring 20000 runs in international cricket. He is the most successful t20 Captain of Pakistan. Out of 87 ODI matches, he conquest 51. Inzamam-Ul-Haq left Pakistan cricket in 2007 after giving tons of victories and memories.

Waqar Younis

Do you know why Pakistan is known to have the best bowlers of all time? Because of bowlers like Waqar Younis. When it comes to setting batters back to the pavilion, then Waqar Younis has mastered it.

Waqar Younis may be now renowned as a Pakistan commentator & coach, but once upon a time, he held Pakistan captaincy in his hand. He played a total of 62 matches and won 37 of them. He became one of Pakistan’s most renowned Captains.


So after doing Pakistan test captain 2022 research, we learned these were some of the top most successful Captains who wrote down their names in Pakistan’s history. They were not only beloved by Pakistan cricket fans but were also loved all over the world.

From Imran khan to Waqar Younis, these captains ruled Pakistan cricket and won many victories.  They make Pakistanis proud; and their names will permanently be engraved in the history of cricket as successful captains of the Pakistani cricket team. These captains will always be in the memories of Pakistani cricket lovers, even if they die

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