Virat Kohli to retire in 2028

An old astrology prediction on Facebook about veteran Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has gone viral. The Facebook post seems accurate in predicting timelines about one of India’s most-iconic cricketers in recent times. In the 2016 post from a page “Stars and Astrology”. In this post, the author claims Virat Kohli will retire in 2028 after a series of ups and downs in the player’s career.

The post has predicted Kohli’s family and career progression for 8 years accurately so far, with four years of predictions left to fulfill.  Let’s explore the predictions and how each one has turned out since the original post was made in 2016.

What is the Prediction Concerning Virat’s Career and Retirement?

The now 8-year-old post claims to suggest how Virat’s career will progress from 2016 to 2028 (12-year period). See the excerpts from this now-viral Facebook post below:

“1. Virat will continue to achieve greater stardom in 2016 and 2017. His cricketing skills will continue to impress the planet. As Saturn transits out of Scorpio in Jan. 2017 his success will be even greater in 2017 compared to 2016.”

Did this happen? Yes.

The first prediction turned out to be accurate as Virat Kohli went on to have a memorable IPL season in 2016. Kohli scored 973 runs in a season, smashing several records along the way. He continued his formidable run throughout the next season, improving his profile as one of India’s top players ever.

“2. Talks of Virats marriage will surface on Mar/Apr 2017 and he will tie the knot by the end of 2017 and early 2018. If I were to look at the crystal ball chances are very conducive for marriage in Dec 2017-Jan 2018”

Did this happen? Yes.

Surprisingly, this prediction was accurate again, as Virat Kohli married his heartthrob Anushka Sharma on December 11, 2017 as predicted by the Facebook post.

“3. Subsequent to marriage he will gain in income from endorsements and he will also be blessed with a child between Feb 2018 and Sep 2020. The child will bring immense luck and fortune to the father”

Did this happen? Yes and no.

Kohli earned major endorsement deals in 2018 and this trend continued into 2020. However, the prediction was inaccurate this time as Kohli welcomed his first child on January 11, 2021.

“4. Virat will have a lean period between Sep 2020-Sep 2021”

Did this happen? Yes.

Kohli dropped stinkers for most of his Test performances in 2021; however, he performed average in ODIs and T20Is during that time. His lean period will not last long; however, as he would bounce back soon after those poor runs of performances.

“5. Virat will come back strongly between Sep 2021-2025 with huge success professionally and monetarily”

Is this happening? Yes.

Virat continues to defy his advancing age on the cricket pitch, becoming one of India’s most reliable players in recent years. He signed off on an impressive ICC ODI World Cup 2023 with 765 runs in one tournament, leapfrogging other greats in the sport.

How Many Predictions are Left?

Two predictions are yet to see fulfillment and all six previous predictions have turned out 83.3% accurate so far.

“6. Virat’s career will partially flounder between Aug 2025-Feb 2027”

“7. Virat’s career will pick up in 2027 and he will retire on a very high note before March 2028

Virat Kohli Career Stats

Kohli Batting and Fielding Stats

List A3263131529018357.481633393.61548014581751690

Virat Kohli Bowling Stats

List A3265772674151/131/13148.26.1145000

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