What is diamond duck in cricket?

A diamond duck in cricket is when a batsman gets dismissed without facing any balls. It is one of the most unwanted ducks in cricket and batters do all they can to avoid this occurrence without success. Cricketers like Muttiah Muralitharan and Courtney Walsh experienced a range of diamond ducks throughout their careers.  

What is a Diamond Duck in Cricket?

 A diamond duck is an event in cricket where a batter is dismissed without facing a ball. It usually occurs when a players gets run out from the non-striking end, stumped, or run out off wide deliveries.

Is a Diamond Duck Different from Titanium Duck?

A titanium duck is different from a diamond duck. The titanium duck in cricket occurs when an opening batter gets dismissed without facing a ball. An opening batter can’t experience a worse outing than a titanium duck.

What is a Pair in Cricket?

A pair in cricket occurs when a batter gets dismissed on two innings in one game. The pair of ducks can be embarrassing for cricketers, especially batters playing at professional level.

What is a Golden Duck in Cricket?

A golden duck in cricket occurs when a batter gets sent to the pavilion after the first ball faced in an innings. Many batters try to avoid this occurrence; however, some have fallen prey to this dismissal in professional games.

What is a Silver Duck in Cricket?

In cricket, a silver duck occurs when a batter gets sent to the pavilion with no runs scored and returns only to get dismissed on the next ball he faces. It is not one of the most common occurrences in professional cricket but has happened in games across major competitions.

What is a Bronze Duck in Cricket?

A bronze duck in cricket occurs when a batsman receives a dismissal on the third ball faced in an innings. It isn’t a pleasant way to get sent to the pavilion, but many players have experienced such dismissals during professional games.

What is a Laughing Duck in Cricket?

A laughing duck occurs when a player is dismissed at zero runs and where the innings closes with his wicket. The laughing duck in cricket can leave batters red-faced and has occurred on many occasions.

What is a King Pair in Cricket?

A king pair is equal to two golden ducks and occurs when a batter is dismissed for zero at both innings in a 2-inning game. In rare cases, this is called a spectacle pair, since two zeros take the form of a pair of glasses. Other definitions of a king pair refer to a cricketer getting dismissed at first ball in two innings.

Conceding a king pair is horrifying for most batters. Many professional batsmen try to avoid this occurrence throughout their careers at any cost, even if the price means conceding a diamond or titanium duck.

What is an Audi in Cricket?

An Audi in cricket refers to two consecutive pairs or four consecutive ducks conceded by a batter. The cricket expression takes its name from a popular German car maker’s logo (Audi), which has four rings linked. It is the only combination of pairs worse than a king pair in cricket.

What is ‘on an Audi’ in Cricket?

A diamond duck in cricket on three successive occasions in a game is usually classified as an ‘on an Audi’. Cricketers who have failed to score any runs in three successive innings will get the ‘on an Audi’ tag, signifying their approach to four consecutive innings with no runs.

Australian cricketer Alyssa Healy recently completed a Test ‘on an Audi’ before breaking the streak when an opposing player could not complete her catch.

What is ‘on an Olympic’ in Cricket?

A batsman who has completed ‘an Audi’ and doesn’t score in another innings is set to be ‘on an Olympic’ at the end of that innings. The ‘on an Olympic’ expression alludes to five (5) interlocking rings in the Olympic Games logo.

Has Any Cricketer Ever Completed an Olympic in Professional Cricket?

Three (3) cricketers have completed a string of five blanks in consecutive innings throughout modern-day cricket. These players are Mohammed Asif in 2006, Ajit Agarkar in 2000, and Bob Holland in 1985.  

What is a Hat-Trick in Cricket?

A hat-trick in cricket refers to the dismissal of three (3) batters through three balls. Capable bowlers like Mohammad Shami are well-known for such performances in professional cricket. Being able to outclass three professional batsmen is no ordinary feat and places bowlers in prime status among top players in the game.

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