What is Market Rate in Cricket Betting?

Market rate is the odds or probabilities assigned to each team in a particular game. Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports, so it’s only fair that it gets a huge share of betting markets and greater chances of winning. The market rate in cricket betting determines how much a player will walk away with if the chosen bet events turn out successful.

How to Find the Best Market Rate in Cricket Betting

Choose reliable bookmakers

Top bookmakers usually provide the best odds across markets, including lines for cricket games. You need to choose a reliable cricket betting platform to deliver you excellent market rates across top events without hassle.

Search through betting exchanges

Research is the smartest way to spot the best market rate in cricket. You need to look through betting exchanges for details about the most profitable markets for your top cricket events. Major exchanges will display the highest odds across multiple bookmakers, so you can make a quick pick.

Top Markets in Cricket Betting

Moneyline (1 or 2)

In this market, you need to choose who will win the match outright to make profits from your bets.

Series Moneyline

Bettors must predict the team to win a series (T20 or ODI) for a profitable wager.

Total runs

Cricket betting markets for total runs are available in Over/Under (O/U) format. The market is successful for bettors if they can predict the total runs in a particular cricket match.

Total wickets

The total wickets market is available to bettors. It allows bettors choose whether a given number of wickets will be taken in a particular match. It usually adopts an O/U format.

Player performance

You can predict if a batter or bowler will achieve certain milestones in a cricket match. Most player performance markets are available as O/U lines.

Dismissal method

Bettors can predict if a batter will get dismissed in certain ways before a cricket match. You can choose whether a batter will leave the crease by being stumped, bowled, run-out, or caught. It could be a player-specific or match-based market depending on the competition.

Man of the Match

In the Man of the Match market, players can predict who will earn the best player award before a match begins. The market is quite complex and is usually hard to predict in most tournaments.

Total boundaries

In this market, bettors can predict if a player or team will hit a certain number of fours or sixes in a particular cricket match. The market also has match or player-specific options depending on the tournament’s popularity.

Time of dismissal

Cricket bettors can predict if a batter will be dismissed during innings. Bettors can predict if a batter will be dismissed within a certain number of runs or before reaching a certain milestone.

Most profitable opening partnership

Bettors win this market when their selected team produces an opening pair with more collective runs with no wickets lost. It is one of the diciest bets in cricket and may not return high profits without deep research.

Toss winner

Bettors win this market when they can accurately pick the team to win a match toss. It is a dicey, unpredictable market but usually comes with high odds.


Player specials help predict if a particular player will achieve certain milestones during a cricket game. In this market, special bets are available to players and bettors can choose if a bowler will take a hattrick of wickets or if batters will achieve a certain count of sixes in a match.


Cricket handicap bets are won when a bettor predicts the virtual advantage or disadvantage of a given team accurately. Handicap bets are competitive and ensure bettors can make a profit from wagers with potential tight outcomes.

Super Over winner

Super Overs are common in Twenty20 (T20) cricket matches where bettors predict the outcome after a match ends in a tie. The tiebreaker bet will return successfully if your chosen team wins the Super Over.

Most sixes

This betting market is successful if a bettor predicts the team with more sixes at the end of a cricket match. The bet loses if both teams end up with the same number of sixes after a match ends.

Highest individual scores

In this betting market, you need to select a player who will score more runs per innings than any other cricketer to win. High-scoring batters usually return this market for cricket bettors; however, it is not an exact option and you should do your own research (DYOR) before staking.

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