Where can I find a legit fixed match bet?

Getting a legit fixed match bet isn’t easy, and 99.9% of people who claim to offer sure odds are scammers. However, legitimate sources do offer the opportunity to obtain fixed match bets for wagering and potentially winning.

Let’s see the major people who can provide you with temporary or steady match bets to guarantee you stable profit. It’s worth noting that some of these sources may not provide accurate information every time.

Find a legitimate fixed match bet from the following sources

Club insider –

Insiders provide more information about bets than many stakeholders, especially in major sports. These insiders can leak team strategy, hidden player injuries, and other secret information that could aid bettors or bookmakers.

Players –

Team members of some clubs also serve as legit fixed match betting sources. For example, a player could agree to perform an unexpected act with huge odds on betting platforms to favor investors. Such occurrences are not visibly common in popular leagues; however, many sources say these events take place behind the scenes.

Agents –

Players may not want to leak match information directly, as many fear sanctions or career bans. Such players could opt to pass vital details through agents for a financial incentive. It is common for popular agents in major sports to own betting platforms or run prediction channels for investors.

Some of these agents rely on insider information and details from players to tweak popular odds or introduce markets.

Coaches –

Team coaches can sometimes participate in fixed match betting without the knowledge of his players or coaching staff. Such coaches could pass on information to bookmakers or bettors that the next match will be a loss.

In some cases, coaches collaborate across teams to deliver a massive fixed match bet to investors. Rumors of such occurrences are common in major sports, especially when an unexpected team loss occurs.

Match officials –

Harsh match decisions from umpires have been linked to match-fixing in the past. For example, a series of unfair match decisions from a football referee against another team may indicate his/her collaboration with bettors or bookmakers.

Sports influencers/punters –

Several sports influencers can have direct access to secret information about fixed match bets. Don’t bank on this, as some of these punters may get such tips once or twice throughout a whole season.

Coaching staff –

Staff in a coaching team could be behind fixed match bets without the knowledge of other members.

Betting platforms –

Yes, it sounds strange but it happens.

Betting platforms sometimes provide legit fixed match bets for two reasons – to drive their popularity or competition.

To drive engagement

Some betting platforms could release fixed matches in form of sure bet offers on their app and website. Such an offer could attract thousands of new bettors to such platforms in days.

Against competition

Bookmakers also unleash fixed match bets against competitors through paid influencers. Several social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram, and Instagram have loads of sports influencers working for betting companies.

A competing bookmaker could release fixed bets to such bookmaker to wager on another platform. Huge winnings from such a bet could render other competition bankrupt. It is a risky process, and some betting companies end up waging endless attacks against each other. Common sports where this could happen are horseracing, football, tennis, etc.

The factors that determine insider details for obtaining a legitimate fixed match bet include:

Financial incentive

The amount of money involved could drive a fixed match bet offer to a legit source. Some club officials over the years have taken significant sums to provide information about match schedules, weather conditions, player injuries, team tactics, and more to bookmakers or directly to bettors.


The world of fixed match betting is akin to the dark web. Legit fixed match betting is run like an underground mafia of sorts, with little to no room for outsiders. Getting into such a network is quite difficult, especially if you’re not privy to deep information.


Stakeholders that can provide legit fixed match bet information usually consider safety before anything else. Popular sportsmen and match officials have been disgraced or attacked for providing false fixed match information.

Regulatory reach

Fixed match betting is common across sports where there is little to no regulation governing contact with players, match officials, or club staff. Several sports cannot be bet on major bookmakers based on poor regulatory backing.


In the early 2020s, two organized betting syndicates were unearthed in India and Russia. These syndicates organized entire leagues with their own players and tricked betting platforms into featuring their matches. Organization is key to getting fixed match bets in some cases.

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