Which Cricket Ball is Used in Pakistan?

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) approves the use of Kookaburra balls for domestic games at all levels in the country. Pakistan adopted the Kookaburra ball recently after decades of trying other types across formats.

When Did the PCB Approve Kookaburra Balls?

The PCB okayed Kookaburra balls for all forms of domestic cricket from September 14, 2019. All domestic formats must now use the cricket ball during training sessions and in competitive games across Pakistan.

Which Ball Does the Pakistan National Team Use?

Pakistan’s senior Men’s team use the Kookaburra balls for all scheduled home Test meetings. The Falcons continue to excel with this signature ball, allowing its wider acceptance in other sections of Pakistan sport.

Where Does the Kookaburra Ball Come From?

The Kookaburra ball is an Australian cricket ball widely used in Test cricket across several countries. Cricket Australia (CA) was the first cricket governing body to approve this ball for use in Tests and domestic formats. The Kookaburra gets its name from an Australian kingfisher with its signature cackling, loud cry.

Why Does Pakistan Prefer the Kookaburra Ball?

Pakistan’s governing body for cricket chose the Kookaburra ball as the brand is ideal for skill development as conditions evolve during innings. Kookaburra balls become less-sturdy under repeat use, allowing spin bowlers get better angles on their balls in later innings.

The balls getting worn out can also be an advantage for experienced bowlers, ensuring both teams get a fair chance throughout innings.

Why Does the PCB Approve Kookaburra Balls?

Pakistan’s cricket board believe Kookaburra balls will help player development throughout all formats in domestic competitions. The PCB also hopes that adopting the new ball will help domestic bowlers in different stages of development towards understanding the workings of innings in international games.

What Do Legendary Pakistan Cricketers Think about the New Ball?

Azhar Ali

Legendary Pakistan cricketer Azhar Ali believes the adoption of Kookaburra balls will give batters an edge over Dukes that caused the loss of more wickets in overs:

The conditions in domestic cricket were becoming bowling friendly, with the application of the Dukes on grassy surfaces. Batting sides were losing a lot of wickets in the first 25 over as the bowlers did not have to work hard enough in such conditions. This was keeping them from developing the habit of scoring runs” he said.

The veteran cricketer also believes bowlers will now need to put in more effort towards securing wickets since Kookaburras possess low floating potential compared to Dukes:

The bowlers will now have to work hard, which will also increase the bowling speeds of our pacers because the Kookaburra demands from the bowlers to put in efforts unlike the Dukes, which can just be floated in the air” Ali said.

Finally, the cricketer commented that Kookaburra is a welcome, positive step towards the development of cricket in Pakistan:

There was a lot of discussion over this for quite some time and the decision to use Kookaburra brand from domestic cricket is a positive step because we play most our international cricket with Kookaburra. This will accustom the players with the brand.

Mohammad Amir

Veteran Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Amir weighed in on the new ball debate, pointing out that other cricket associations already use the Kookaburra:

All international cricket is being played with the Kookaburra ball, save England and West Indies, and all of our upcoming international series are also going to be played with it.” he said.

Amir also suggests that adoption of Kookaburra will help domestic cricketers develop since the ball has lower seam and swing potential compared to Gray and Duke balls:

It is necessary for us to play with this ball because it helps our bowlers in getting accustomed to its swing and seam. The Dukes and Grays balls swing and seam more, which doesn’t give the right idea to our bowlers about how they have to go about their business after they break at the international level”, the cricketer said.

Wahab Riaz

Pakistan ex-cricketer and commentator Riaz believes Kookaburra balls will benefit fast bowlers in most meetings since many cricket boards use the brand:

This is going to benefit our up-and-coming fast-bowlers as we are playing our international cricket with the Kookaburra ball, except for when we play in England. They, at the moment, are not quick but seam bowlersEven bowler is not aware in which direction a Dukes ball is going to swing. So, it is even more difficult for a batsman to deal with.”

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