Who is Chacha, lala in pakistan cricket team?

Chacha is a popular mascot for the Pakistan cricket team while Lala is one of the Men in Green’s top cricketers of all time. Fans of Pakistani cricket usually adorn their top performers and mascots with catchy nicknames. The tradition of nicknames isn’t alien to Pakistan however, as dozens of cricketers and mascots from other countries have their special aliases.

In this article, we’ll see some of the top names given to Pakistan’s top mascot and legendary cricketer with every other vital detail. We’ll also check out other nicknames of top cricketers to see how the tradition of aliases continues to catch on in international cricket.

Who is Chacha in Pakistan Cricket Team?

Chaudhry Abdul Jalil is famously called ‘Chacha’ or ‘Chacha Cricket’ by cricket fans in Pakistan and around the globe. The term Chacha means Uncle in Urdu and is the most common nickname of Pakistan’s top mascot.

Chacha is a regular face at any Pakistan senior cricket match. He has a signature white beard and is always dressed in a green traditional kurta with a white cap adorned with a star and crescent moon. Chacha also dons the green outfit with a baseball cap featuring the badge of Pakistan’s cricket team.

Chacha began his career as Pakistan’s top cricket mascot in 1994 before earning a contract from the country’s governing board in 1996. He has been an active mascot for the Men in Green across three decades, cementing his status as one of Pakistan’s greatest superfans of all time.

Chacha Bio

Full NameChaudhry Abdul Jalil
Date of BirthOctober 8, 1949
Born inSialkot, West Punjab region
Occupation(s)Pakistan cricket mascot, foreman
EmployerPakistan Cricket Board (PCB)
Years activeCricket mascot (1996 to present), Foreman (1973 to 1996)
Height185cm (6ft 1 in.)

Who is Lala in Pakistan Cricket Team?

Fans named Shahid Afridi ‘Lala’ after the cricketer put together impressive performances as a career player for Pakistan. The veteran cricketer ended his career as one of Pakistan’s top players in history, raking in impressive numbers across formats. He is also so popular among Pakistan cricketers that he earned a second nickname as an active player – ‘Boom Boom Afridi’. He had an explosive batting prowess Pakistan fans loved to see, earning him a special status among supporters’ circles for over a decade.

Lala Career Stats

Lala Batting and Fielding Stats

List A501467311088112424.958581530

Lala Bowling Stats

List A50122377172535107/127/1233.824.62445110

Nicknames of 30 Popular Cricketers

1Allan BorderAB, Captain Grumpy
2Andy CaddickDes, Shack, Wingnut
3Don BradmanThe Don
4Dwayne BravoDJ
5Eddie BarlowBunter
6Gareth BattyBoris, Nora
7Geoffrey BoycottFiery, Boycs, Thatch
8Ian BellBelly, The Sherminator
9Ian BothamBeefy, Guy the Gorilla
10James AndersonThe Burnley Lara, The Burnley Express
11Jasprit BumrahBoom
12Jonny BairstowYJB
13Katherine BruntBrunty, Nunny
14Mark ButcherButch
15Michael Andrew AthertonAthers, FEC, Iron Mike, Cockroach, Dready
16Michael BeerFroth
17Mike BrearleyBrears, Scagg
18Mohammad AshrafulMatin
19Mushtaq AhmedMushie, Jaadugar
20Omari BanksBankie
21Ravichandran AshwinAsh
22Richie BenaudDiamonds
23Saeed AjmalThe Magician, Saeed Bhai
24Shahid AfridiBoom Boom Afridi, Lala
25Shoaib AkhtarRawalpindi Express
26Stuart BroadWestlife
27Travis BirtEdgar
28Trevor BaileyThe Boil, Barnacle
29Warwick ArmstrongBig Ship
30Wasim AkramSultan of Swing

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