Who is Hania Aamir, Babar Azam’s rumoured girlfriend, called Pakistan’s Anushka Sharma

Hania Aamir has been in the news recently as dating rumours continue to take shape between her and Pakistan ex-skipper Babar Azam. Several hours after a video appeared on the internet, there has been widespread admiration for the duo’s potential match, sparking strong dating gossip among teeming fans of both celebrities.

Let’s see who Hania Aamir is and if there is any truth in the dating rumours matching her with Babar Azam.

Who is Hania Aamir?

Hania Aamir is a celebrity Pakistani actress and was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 1997. She has become one of Pakistan’s brightest TV stars in recent years after making a debut appearance in Janaan, a 2016 local movie.

Aamir gained more fame from her performance in Titli, a 2017 romance movie that caught the eye of countless fans. She has also been in many popular shows and continues to exert her presence on Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

The talented actress also features in shows like Visaal and Phir Wohi Mohabbat, attracting much attention to her immense talent. Aamir also plays major roles in other top hit movies like Parwaaz Hai Junoon and Na Maloom Afradd 2. She has also become a popular face outside Pakistan since appearing in Mere Humsafar. Fans in Bangladesh, Nepal, and India also admire her talented on-screen performances and striking beauty.

Aamir continues to work on many exciting projects and is fast becoming one of Pakistan’s best actresses throughout the last half decade. She is currently a brand ambassador for many popular products and attracts several bumper deals based on her talented performances.

Why is Hania Aamir Called Pakistan’s Anushka Sharma?

Anushka Sharma is the wife of celebrity Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and fans have compared her to Hania Aamir in recent times. Aamir has been likened to Sharma on several occasions for two major reasons:

Deepfake video

An AI-generated video showed Hania Aamir in a silver dress admiring the performances of a created figure in the likeness of Babar Azam. The deepfake video was later confirmed to be a dub of the original footage where Anushka Sharma cheered on her husband Virat Kohli from the stands.

Fans have continued to dream up several likenesses of Aamir to Sharma since the video emerged. Aamir has not come out to condemn the video making rounds, so many fans believe she approves of her likeness being used in that manner.

Fan comparisons

Many fan groups have sparked comparisons that ended up causing public discussions or rows between celebrities. In one fan group conversation, an X (formerly Twitter) fan commented “Only Hania can give competition to Anushka”.

When Did the Dating Rumours between Hania Aamir and Babar Azam Peak?

A recent set of doctored interviews gave more steam to dating rumours between the duo. Images of both celebrities were released on social media where they admired each other, increasing attention to their potential love life. In one interview, Hania claimed that Babar Azam is cuter than she is, causing wide social media gossip and admiration for hours.

Also, Babar Azam’s likeness said he would love to share screentime with Hania sometime in the future, giving further attention to the dating gossip. It is clear both celebrities admire each other and could get something going based on all the rumours. However, there seems to be little to no connection between the duo right now as dating gossip are purely based on fan-made interviews.

Did Babar Azam Say He is in a Relationship with Hania Aamir?

There is no public information about the Aamir-Azam potential relationship and fans have continued to unsuccessfully seek details from both celebrities. For example, Babar Azam has only expressed interest in sharing screentime with Aamir and made no mention of the presence or absence of any relationship between him and the actress.

Fans can only hope something remarkable takes shape soon, as many admirers of the duo will love to see them together.

Has Hania Aamir Been in the Middle of Dating Rumours Before?

Hania has been in dating gossip at least once before the Babar Azam saga. The skilled actress was once rumoured to be in a relationship with Pakistani songster Azim Azhar. Gossip mills ran for weeks with that story until Aamir came out to shoot down all unconfirmed rumours as untrue.

Asim Azhar didn’t comment on the ‘affair’, and it was clear that all rumours surrounding the potential relationship was totally false. Matchmaking rumours are common among celebrity fan groups and it won’t be the first time where admirers of celebrities put them side-by-side with each other, even if nothing is going on.

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