Who is Shurli in cricket?

Shurli in cricket refers to a jibe term used mostly by Urdu-speaking players. It is a reference mostly used in Men cricket to tag teammates as a ‘girly’ character. Most Pakistani cricketers, fans, and commentators know this term as it is widely used among players, even at senior level.

What Does Shurli Mean?

Shurli is an Urdu word that means ‘Garden of White Flowers’. It is a girl’s name popular in Urdu-speaking regions and is widely given to Muslim females.

When Last Was a Cricketer Called Shurli in Cricket?

The last Shurli reference occurred in Pakistan and made headlines outside the nation’s shores in India, Afghanistan, and other countries. The-then Pakistan captain Babar Azam referred to teammate Mohammed Rizwan as Shurli, sparking a round of laughter among Pakistan cricketers at that time.

Azam made the reference during a Pakistan team training session in mid-2023, and this event remained in headlines several months after.

Why Did Azam Call Rizwan Shurli?

Azam referred to Rizwan as Shurli in an attempt to rile up the cricketer towards delivering a better bowling attack in a recent video. It is a comic reference to tag Rizwan as a girly character and try to provoke the Pakistan bowler.

Is There Any Video Reference of Shurli in Cricket?

A TikTok video describes how Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are playful with the ‘Shurli’ term in the clip’s description. The video opens with a romantic ceremony between two lovers before cutting to Azam chasing Rizwan with a cricket bat during a game.

Why are Nicknames So Popular in Cricket?

Nicknames are quite popular in cricket as these colloquial terms give fans freedom to tag their favourite teams or players how they want. Dozens of cricket teams and hundreds of players have at least one nickname, usually given after a string of great on-pitch performances.

Most Popular Nicknames of Cricket Teams

TeamGenderNicknameReason or Context
AustraliaMenBaggy GreensAustralian Test cricketers usually wear a baggy green – a signature Myrtle cap.
AussiesSlang term that refers to an Australian citizen
WomenSouthern Stars
1948 Men TeamThe InvinciblesThe 1948 Men Team toured England without suffering defeat, earning this nickname.
 EnglandMenThree LionsThere are three lions on the crest of the English and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), also sometimes refers to the English football team.
 IndiaMenMen in BlueIndia’s Men and Women’s cricket teams usually appear in all-blue kits.
WomenWomen in Blue
 IrelandMenGreen and WhitesMost Irish sports teams appear in green and white kits.
Men in Green
   NepalMenRhinosAn Indian rhinoceros is on the crest of The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN).
2018 Men WCL Division 2 TeamCardiac KidsA string of on-the-edge, nail-biting wins earned the 2018 Men’s team this nickname.
 New ZealandMenBlack CapsBorrowed nickname from the famous New Zealand rugby team – All Blacks; New Zealand cricketers usually play in black caps during one-day internationals and T20Is.
KiwisA popular bird in New Zealand.
WomenWhite FernsSilver fern is the country’s national plant.
 PakistanMenGreen ShirtsPakistan cricketers have green jerseys as their main kits across formats except Tests.
Men in Green
ShaheensState bird of Pakistan is the Shaheen.
1992 Men World Cup TeamCornered TigersImran Khan asked the 1992 World Cup winners to “fight like cornered tigers”. The senior Men’s team retained the nickname since that time.
 South AfricaMenSpringboks, ProteasSpringbok is South Africa’s national animal. Protea is a South African flowering plant.
 Sri LankaMenLionsA lion is on the emblem of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and the national flag.
 West IndiesMenThe WindiesCommon colloquial nickname retained by both genders of the Caribbean cricket teams since 2017.
1970-1990s MenThe Mighty West IndiesThe West Indies dominated cricket for much of the mid-to-late 1970s, winning two World cups back-to-back during that period. They continued to assert their dominance on World cricket until the 1990s.

Most Popular Nicknames of Cricketers

Name of cricketerNickname
Allan DonaldWhite Lightning
Brett LeeOswald
Rahul DravidThe Wall
Peter FultonTwo-Metre Peter
Ashley GilesThe King of Spain
Mark WaughAfghan
Michael VaughanVirgil
Sachin TendulkarThe Little Master
David LloydBumble
Lance KlusenerZulu
Robin SmithJudge
Shahid AfridiBoom Boom Afridi
Allan BorderCaptain Grumpy
Monty PanesarMonty Python
Jason GillespieDizzy
Shoaib AkhtarThe Rawalpindi Express
Phil TufnellThe Cat
Michael ClarkePup
Michael HoldingWhispering Death
Andrew FlintoffFredalo
Steven FinnThe Watford Wall
Andre NelGunther
Shane WarneThe King of Spin
Sir Donald BradmanThe Don
Ricky PontingPunter
Sir Ian BothamBeefy
Glenn McGrathPigeon
Adam GilchristChurchy
Ian BellThe Sherminator
Mike HusseyMr Cricket

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