Why BCCI Banned Certain Colour Combinations In IPL Jerseys?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) banned certain colour combinations on Indian Premier League (IPL) jerseys to improve ball visibility during games. The ban was confirmed by Preity Zinta at a recent jersey unveiling for the Punjab Kings (PBKS), an IPL franchise:

Earlier, we had a combination of red, grey and silver but then the BCCI banned silver, grey, and white due to sighting issues with the ball. Hence, we went ahead with red and this year we have the best combination with red,”

Let’s explore which colours were banned from IPL jerseys and why they are not allowed.

Which Colours are Banned from IPL Jerseys and Why?

The BCCI placed a ban on white, grey, silver, and similar colours from featuring on IPL jerseys. Regulations placed on colours became necessary when visibility issues occurred during games, especially during pre-dusk fixtures.  

When Did the BCCI Ban Certain Colour Combinations in IPL Jerseys?

Regulations on dressing and how IPL jerseys should look are not new to cricket. The IPL has managed clothing and colour combinations on jerseys for well over a decade since its first edition. However, newer regulations spring up to accommodate changing requirements regarding colours and other jersey elements.

Can Teams Decide the Colour of their IPL Jersey?

Yes, teams can decide the colour of their IPL jersey but this choice must align with BCCI regulations. The 2024 IPL Clothing and Equipment Regulation describes every element of jersey and colour selection available to franchises:

C.1 Each franchise is entitled to determine the design for its Team Clothing, subject to compliance with these Regulations and approval by BCCI. Franchises should minimise the use of the colours white or cream in its Playing Clothing and Equipment – so as to provide a contrast to the colour of the cricket ball.”

The IPL also has restrictions on modified jerseys, so players cannot wear altered clothing from other players in one team:

C.9 It shall be prohibited under these Regulations for any individual to wear any clothing or use any equipment that has been changed, altered or transformed (whether to comply with these Regulations or otherwise) in any way that, in the opinion of any Match Official, undermines the professional standards that are required of all elite players. For example, and without limitation, it shall be prohibited to cover up or alter the appearance of clothing and equipment with sticking plaster or marker pens and/or to wear batting pads painted with a coloured paint that has faded or is flaking off

How Many Logos are Allowed by the BCCI on IPL Jerseys?

The BCCI allows no more than twelve (12) logos on playing clothes of IPL cricketers. This number is quite massive compared to other sports leagues like the NBA (basketball) where sponsorship logos are usually not allowed on team jerseys.

Where Can the Logos Be on IPL Team Jerseys?

Section F.1 of the IPL Clothing and Equipment Regulation lists all approved positions of logos on team jerseys as:

Playing Shirts
Position TitleLogo NamePlacement
Position A The Main Logo On front of shirt
Position BThe Upper Right Logo On front of shirt
Position C The Team Logo On upper left front of shirt
Position D The Lower Logo On non-leading arm
Position E The Upper Logo 1 On non-leading arm
Position F The Upper Logo 2 On leading arm
Position GThe IPL Tournament Logo (white background) On lower leading arm
Position H The Upper Logo 3On back of shirt
Position N The Champions EmblemOn top right corner (above badge)
Position O The Official Product Label 1On bottom left corner (beside side strips)
Position P The Quality Feature Label 1On bottom right corner (beside side strips)
Position S The Collar LogoUnder the back of collar, or Centre back of collar, or one or the other Collar Flap (leading side of batsman)
Playing Trousers
Position TitleLogo NamePlacement
Position TFront Logo (Right)Front of trousers on right leg, between lower waist and knee area
Position UFront Logo (Left)Front of trousers on left leg, between lower waist and knee area
Position V The Official Product Label 2Waist band area (left)
Position W The Quality Feature Label 2Waist band area (right)

How Many Commercial Logos Can an IPL Team Display on their Playing Jersey?

IPL teams cannot have more than six (6) logos on their official playing jersey. Franchises must also consider BCCI regulations to choose their jersey.

Do IPL Champions Get Any Special Logos on their Jerseys?

IPL defending champions usually get a special emblem on their jerseys. The Champions Emblem, as it is called, usually features at the top right of defending champions’ official jerseys (above the Team Logo).

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