Why is Online cricket betting illegal in Pakistan?

If you are a Pakistani who is thinking to start online cricket betting, then you should first know whether online cricket betting is legal in Pakistan or not. If online cricket betting in Pakistan is illegal, then why? You will also know about the punishment you will get if you do online cricket betting illegally in Pakistan.

It is quite important to know all these things for any Pakistani before starting online cricket betting in Pakistan. In this article, you are going to know many things which will be related to Pakistani gambling law. Stay still and read the read article till the end.

Pakistan Gambling law: Overview.

Pakistan is a country where strict laws have been made for wrong things. And the one who breaks those laws gets the harshest punishment. And the same goes for illegal gambling. In Pakistan, gambling or betting of any kind is illegal except horse racing betting. Even buying lottery tickets is banned in Pakistan.

If someone is caught while gambling or betting in Pakistan, then the person will have to pay a fine of thousand Pakistani rupees and be jailed for five years. This law is employees only to Pakistanis. If you are not a Pakistani and gamble or bet in Pakistan, your passport and visa will be canceled. And you will be deported to your country.

Pakistan gambling law is not limited to offline gambling and betting. Gambling and betting using any website in Pakistan are also illegal. For Pakistani gambling law, it does not matter how good and the legal website you use. If you are betting, you are breaking Pakistani gambling law.

Although many such people in Pakistan do online betting, the Pakistani gambling law is unable to do anything for such people. This is because a huge amount of people do online betting in Pakistan due to which it is difficult for Pakistani gambling law to catch every single bettor.

Why is cricket betting is banned in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country whose population is 96% of Muslim. Betting is considered haram in Islam, due to which most Muslims do not like to do cricket or any other type of betting. Any Muslim who follows Islam rules with true faith will not do any type of betting. And because of these few reasons, Pakistan cricket betting is a ban in Pakistan.

Can you do online cricket betting in Pakistan?

As we said above, online betting is not allowed in Pakistan still many Pakistanis do online betting. Pakistan has tried a lot to ban betting websites, but the internet has huge numbers of betting websites. So, it is impossible to block each one.

So yes, there is a ban on online betting in Pakistan, you can still do cricket betting in Pakistan using many websites. You can use VPN to do online cricket betting so that the Pakistani government will not even know that you have bet online.

On the internet, you will find so many websites, which are used by people all over the world to bat online in cricket. Although some websites are fraudulent. Whereas, you will find some genuine and trustworthy websites too.

Crickex, Bet365, and 1xBet are some of the best betting websites that you can trust to do online cricket betting. All these websites are not registered in Pakistan, due to which Gambling Law in Pakistan cannot ban these websites.

And, by using these websites, you can bat not only in cricket but also in other sports games. By using these websites you can bet on cricket matches easily.

How an online betting account is funded in Pakistan?

You cannot use legal payment methods to deposit money into your betting account as the Pakistani government will prevent you from doing so. And, to avoid this, you can use an e-wallet to deposit money in your online betting account.  E-wallets are quite secure to use. You can deposit and withdraw money in your online betting account very quickly and without any hassle using an e-wallet.

It is quite easy to use an E-wallet. All you have to do is open your E-wallet. After that, deposit money in it, and transfer the same money from the E-wallet to your betting account. See, how easy it is.

Do you have to pay tax on winning betting amounts in Pakistan?

Yes, you will have to pay tax if you win any kind of betting amount in Pakistan. But this is possible only when you do betting in horse racing.

But, if you bet on sports like cricket using any betting website, then there are fewer chances that you will have to pay tax on your winning bet amount.


So today, in this article, we told you why online cricket betting is banned in Pakistan. We hope that you have liked the article

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